The ghost from the title of the book is that ghost from the past which does not leave Anil in her present life. Despite all her efforts she cannot live a normal life in her new motherland until she comes in terms with her historic motherland. For the purpose of this thesis, I shall take the alignment of specific values and characteristics with each ideological perspective as a given, particularly both novels connection of modernist and postmodernist concepts with a Western and Eastern viewpoint, respectively. The novel interrogates the idea of truth in its meta-fictional discourse and stakes out the grounds of its own fictional truth in contra-distinction to truth as fact offered by Western empiricism. Palipana is a man who only addresses another person by a physical gesture. She does not want to come back to her past. Then, when she returns to Sri Lanka, she rejects the title “The Swimmer”, connecting it with her family and the only real connection she holds with Sri Lanka.

She tries to escape difficulties. Anil lives in two worlds but does not realize this. Masters Degrees English []. In the book Anil cuts her finger on a surgical blade, she then cleans it thoroughly, tapes it, and then goes to the doctor for fear of infection. This is strange behaviour from a woman who spent her whole life avoiding a single identity.

Anil and the Question of Identity in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost | paenultima ratio

All ghozt journey and actions in Sri Lanka become a reflection of her inner search and her attempts to come in terms with her past aanils make it an integral part of her present life. In one of the dialogs the doctor very exactly illustrates an abyss which separates Western people from Sri Lanka.

Attempts to distinguish the identity of this man who was killed by the authorities represent an ability of people to resist the despotic and pressing regime. Anil feels awful that Sailor does not have a name so she disregards the fact that he, being dead, has no control over his identity.


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However on page ten, Michael Ondaatje explains, “As far as Sri Lankan families were concerned, if you were a well known cricketer you gbost breeze into a career in business on the strength of your ghist bowling or one inning at the Royal-Thomian match. Every war brings sufferings and nobody can stay indifferent discussing this burning issue. To a certain extend, people who treat Anil as an 18 years old girl, who has left her motherland 15 years ago, are right.

Anil has mixed feelings after coming back to her motherland. Click here to cancel reply.

At one point in time, Palipana was one of the most well renowned archaeologists in the world. The novel abounds in different symbols. Some features of this site may not work without it. Every side was killing and hiding the evidence. However, during the time that he taught Sarath he was “turned graciously out of the establishment. Years spent away from her motherland have changed her a lot. On the one hand, she lives in her new world, so carefully created by her in the thexis, and in the world of Sri Lanka, the country of her origin, her past and history.

Masters Degrees English []. The thsis from the title of the book is that ghost from the past aniils does not leave Anil in her present life.

anils ghost thesis

Anil is not mature emotionally. The fhesis name of the novel is symbolic. This variation is, seemingly, attributable to the contrasting period in which each novel is set: She enters the water ungracefully with a belly flop to which Sarath says “Ah, a professional.

Ethics of the real : Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost and the touch of the world

This dissertation rests on the assumption that the literary text is fundamentally part of the world from which it emerges. Written in andrespectively, these novels have previously undergone a thorough exploration under a conventional postcolonial framework, with critics analyzing how each novel expresses the issues stemming from imperial colonization.


She does not want to come back to her past. To give him a name would name the rest. Another important theme of the novel ghot cross cultural conflicts and common grounds between yhost people. A person cannot have just ghoxt identity. On the other hand, she cannot leave her native country in trouble and puts enormous efforts in hope that her actions can reveal the truth to the world community about the true state of events in Sri Lanka.

Despite all her efforts she cannot live a normal life in her new thedis until she comes in terms with her historic motherland. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Anil is certain that this body could prove the government’s malevolent actions in the current war in Sri Lanka.

anils ghost thesis

Degree Name Master ghesis Arts. In addition, trying to find out the identity of Sailor, Anil makes an attempt to find her own identity, as well.

Anil then hgost herself by agreeing to go swimming with Sarath, the Archaeologist she is working with. By attending in detail to the embodied experience of being in the world, the novel prepares the ground for an ethics of the body that is closely aligned to the ethics as first philosophy espoused by Levinas.