Candidates should not submit magnetic or optical media as supporting evidence. Candidates will not be expected to write or interpret the meaning of simple segments of low level language code. Abhishek September 1, at 9: Usman August 12, at 1: The Advanced Subsidiary syllabus consists of teaching sections 1 and 2 only, and the Advanced Level syllabus consists of all four teaching sections. A requirements specification based on the information collected is present but with some omissions. The original objectives stated in requirements specification should be matched to the achievements, taking into account the limitations.

Here marks are awarded for the degree of satisfaction that the user indicates in the acceptance procedure. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Where the solution has involved programming the candidate should: The test plan should cover all aspects of the programming designed to cover the topics in c iii and demonstrate their effective use within the boundaries of the solution. A detailed requirements specification based on the information collected has been produced. The specifications of the hardware and software on which the system can be implemented should be included. Computer Science has been introduced in place of computing Posted by:

Candidates should not submit magnetic or optical media as part courswwork their supporting evidence. These items are the design specifications, which should be agreed with the user.

An attempt should be made to show that all parts of the program have been tested, including those sections dealing with unexpected or invalid data as well as extreme cases.

A detailed description of the system limitations has been given, including the estimate of the size of the files required for the implemented system. A2 Section 4 — Computing Project.


computing 9691 coursework

There is written evidence available from the user that they have used the system and agree with the strategy for implementation. The Functions and Purposes of Translators Content 3.

The system is, in the main, user-friendly, but there is room for improvement e. There are pre-release materials for this paper for candidates to complete practical tasks. Example Biological Level of Analysis Test.

COMPUTING 9691 Advanced Subsidiary Level

Centres and candidates may choose: Please copy the Coursework Assessment Summary Form at the back of this syllabus document and submit with both the Practical Programming Project and the Computing Project.

Although candidates are not expected to have specific knowledge of every one, candidates should be able to make use of relevant examples for the purpose of illustration.

Will he get the same syllabus or he will have to do the new syllabus? Alternative outline solutions should be discussed and evaluated against one another. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Just follow the syllabus contents and then search the topic from book accordingly.

This paper will be set according to the content of section 1 of the syllabus. It is envisaged that this project will be a long term piece of work to be completed during year one of the course. Could the system or its results be used? As the syllabus is changed, will they publish a new book for computer science ??

Computer Science 9608 has been introduced in place of computing 9691

Data structures have been identified but there may be inadequate detail. Design of input formats with examples of screen layouts and output formats should be included here.


There is a full set of printouts showing input and output as well as data structures. Add to collection s Add to saved. This section of the specifications gives the subject content for coursewofk section, as shown below.

CIE Scheme of Work – AS & A Level Computing , By: Zafar Ali khan

Paper 1 Theory Fundamentals — written paper. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Each teaching section is assessed by its associated paper. It is vital to produce test cases and to show that they work. A clear requirements specification should be defined.

computing 9691 coursework

Alternatively, an electronic guide could be based around hypertext links screen dumps will be required. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

However, to score any marks in this section there must be some evidence that the person for whom the system was written has seen the system in operation.

It is envisaged that students will utilise the skills and knowledge of computing in one of three ways. The developed solution has logical flaws and does not fulfil the design specification.

computing 9691 coursework