Creon’s decisions makes the Gods mad at him but it also makes the people of Thebes mad as they oppose to the punishing of Antigone. When Antigone is sentenced to death and Ismene asks how she will live without her presence, Creon states: Antigone words – 7 pages has spent most of her life burying her family members. Teiresias states this about Creon’s decision to have Antigone sent to her death, “[o]nly a fool is governed by self-will” Antigone, , p. Your essay sample has been sent. Creon equates himself to the stature and power of the gods, who give and take life as they please. In addition, after Teiresias left, Creon said to his choir “The submission is terrible.

Creon’s ultimate power as king allows for his influence on other characters in the play and therefore satisfies a standard of the tragic hero. In addition, Creon refuses to listen to the wisdom of another, especially if it contradicts with his own views. Before Antigone is killed, Teiresias warns him that. Socrates Theme Paper words – 2 pages -productivity of his fatal flaw. It is also ironic because Creon later refuses to heed the advice he has been given by the prophet. At this point it is too late for Creon to save the state, for his arrogance, which led to errors in judgement, has already determined his bleak fate.

This imperfection is demonstrated when Ismene Antigone’s sister realizes that Antigone is to be killed.

creons pride essay

His son committed suicide and his wife left him, there is no one to love. He predicted that one of the people of Cleone himself would die, and the city and himself were miserable.

Creon is blatantly told that the gods have been angered because their laws were broken when Polyneices was denied an crdons burial. After “your actions” death itself “ambushes” him.

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Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. In Oedipus the King he is the brother in law to Oedipus and becomes king at the end of the play. The weakness in Creon’s case is that his pride would ultimately prove to be the ruin of him. Retrived May 22,from https: This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. This discussion will address the topics of leadership style, decision making, conflict style, and how the various characters respond to these issues.

Creon’s Pride Through Greek literature, blind prophet Tiresia appeared several times. He is appalled at the idea that anyone, especially those beneath him, can tell him how to rule his state.

Essay on Light and Dark in Antigone words – 5 pages the altar, But Your spirit has fled not by your folly but by my own!

Pride Comes Before A Fall: Creon’s Antigone Tragedy: Essay Example, words GradesFixer

Creon is left a pitiful wreck, “I am alone guilty. By refusing Polyneices an honorable burial, Creon is justly retaliating against the man who attacked his country.

He wants them to think that his laws should be followed before any other personal, moral, or religious.

Teiresias states this about Creon’s decision to have Antigone sent to her death, “[o]nly a fool is governed by self-will” Antigone,p. In Antigone, Creon is portrayed as a main character as the plot revolves around him and his decisions as he is the King of Thebes.

Pride Comes Before A Fall: Creon’s Antigone Tragedy

Kryon told Teiresias that even though he got the help of Zeus himself Kryon would not be shaking contaminated due to the burial of Polyneices.


Am I to rule this land by other judgement that my own? Furthermore, his subjects, including his son, Haemon, view him as a good leader. This is a symbol of Creon’s pride, law, and power, which was abusedand has resulted in gray smoke, a gloomy image and a reference to dark.

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He is inflexible and unyielding, unwilling pridde the play to listen to advice or Antigone. This essay has been submitted by a student.

creons pride essay

Creon had many people, such as his own son and a prophet, come to him and try to warn him of dreons decision to kill Antigone. In Antigone, the king of Thebes, Kryon, refused to infer Tirecia after killing her brothers and sentenced him to death for Antonio Niece. Creon is in such a position because he allowed hubris to cloud hisjudgement. Creon now views himself as a man blinded by arrogance and excessive pride.

Therefore, Creon felt he especially had to enforce his law. His downfall is caused by a tragic character flaw — pride.

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