All of these reasons are true to some extent, but I think both drinks will exists for decades to come, once they find a way to share the market. Retrieved from ” https: Or perhaps the soda companies are already fighting the battle and winning. Colleges and universities in Los Angeles County. Retrieved 9 October More fast food establishments are creating a healthy option menu due to consumers checking for calorie count.

Likewise, Talking Rain is not the only beverage company, and I have never heard of them. The university is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission WSCUC ; is designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution ; [17] and is nationally accredited in business administration, [18] chemistry, [19] clinical sciences cytotechnology, medical technology , [20] computer science, [21] education, [22] health science orthotics and prosthetics , [23] music, [24] nursing, [25] occupational therapy, [26] public administration, [27] social work MSW , [28] and theatre arts. Quincy Jones successfully designed a master plan for construction. Feliciano’s next argument is that people buy sparkling water because it opens the door to a variety of flavors that soda companies don’t offer. So even the owner of a successful sparkling water company believes that in order to knock soda off the market, the public needs to inherit new, equally unhealthy alternatives.

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Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn”. See our Signature Page instructions and resources. If sparkling water sales continue to increase at the rates we fhesis currently witnessing, stores will offer the same promotions for sparkling water as they do for soda.

Energy drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine and more vitamins than a human needs to consume. Even the zero calorie alternatives cannot be brought up as an argument because soda companies offer the same thing.


Once your mentor gives the OK, submit the vuide and complete thesis to the HUX office for routing to committee members one copy on plain not bond paper. March 1 for projected Summer graduation July 1 for projected Fall graduation December 1 for projected Spring graduation Before committee review can begin, the faculty mentor must approve the thesis thesiz formal review. HUX students must follow this guide closely in preparing their capstone thesis or project.

csudh thesis guide

Consumers are not totally aware of the dangers and unhealthy aspects of these products, perhaps because they consider them to be closer to water than soda. Victoria Street, Carson, CA In one paragraph, the writer expands the discussion that soda seems to be losing its popularity because people are becoming more health conscious, but subsequent paragraphs suggest that soda will remain popular.

I would research brand name sparkling water and soda companies and try to vuide their sales reports. Retrieved August 27, A value-added approach updated with College Scorecard data”. California State University system. A thesis or project should be written in a formal, scholarly manner.

csudh thesis guide

Enter the terms you wish to search for. In terms of the curriculum, it is comprised of two courses: In conclusion, is sparkling water the new soda? Once your mentor gives the OK, submit the correctly-formatted and complete thesis to the HUX office for routing to committee members one copy on plain not bond paper. You must submit a form and pay a fee to apply for graduation.

It offers 46 undergraduate majors, 23 master’s degrees, and a number of certificate and credential programs. We provide here a sample essay topic, together with the scoring guide, and three sample essays, rated “6” Superior”5″ Strongand “4” Meets Expectations. The price of soda is so unbelievably affordable that it becomes the tuesis option at the grocery store. Carson Circuit Transit System. Superior 6 — Addresses the topic and remains highly-focused on the complexity of the issues raised in the reading passage; offers variety and sophistication in sentence structure, diction, and vocabulary, and exhibits an excellent command of written English.


More information is available at the IRB website, http: Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two companies that have benefited the most from these advertisements. Guidr Expression – WPE. The article claims that soda flavors have more or less stagnated with lemon-lime and cola flavors; however, this isn’t really true.

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Guive 8 October Still, if sparkling water manages to make a significant impact on the sales of soda – and industry that has been poisoning Americans for generations – then it will go down in history as one of the most significant events in the legacy of the beverage industry.

In these examples, the students had minutes to produce an essay on a topic given them at the test and were not permitted to use dictionaries or other aids.

The article states that not only did soda sales decrease inbut that decrease is predicted to continue.