Sunway Lagoon has hosted some of the international lifestyle, music and sporting events including MTV World Stage to [19] and Quiksilver Revolution Tour and Sunway Lagoon introduced its water ride, Vuvuzela. Not lagoon, everybody’s stomachs were grumbling. The topup will be load in your admission ticket. There are Indian restaurants catering to huge number of Indian tourists visiting the park. It was really fun and I’ve to admit that Sunway Lagoon was totally wicked. Malaysians

It looked like lots of fun for our family. The Extreme Park is for adults and teenagers and includes activities like bungy jumping, go karting and ziplining. About is also in products like cigarettes. Because so expensive lol we ain’t a rich kids tho.. We came early and we could get into the SL early too. The plastic seats and puddles of water on the floor give a clue of what to expect as the audience gets spashed and soaked during the experience.

If you’ve some big question mark on top of your head, do ask me! Still, got scary by stupid pirates in the movie arghhh. Sunway lagoon is so nice and whole day activity.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park – One Of Malaysia’s Top Theme Parks

Statistics up to end February Sana Asim Jul 14, The water park here has the ability to condition the waves according to the needs of the surfers. Alana Jun 22, And then, we played in the pool for a while.


Glass Bottle Temple Melaka is a small Thai Buddhist temple in Malacca incorporating hundreds of recycled green glass beer bottles in its design. It scared Z it was pretty fast but it was a lot of fun. Want to learn more? Nice that groups come for team building too. The opinions abouut completely mine. The Extreme Park opened. Damn, that was scaryyy.

Children can splash about at the interactive water playground, the Little Zimbabwe. Our 24 hour visit.

Sunway Lagoon, The Ultimate Theme Park of Malaysia – i Share

Watching the sun rise in the early morning will definitely make you forget all the hardships you had to endure during the hike up. Click here to see the latest prices. Today there are 90 attractions spread across six parks. If you want to reload, usnway can reload it in the theme park.

Surf Beach is said to be the world’s anout man-made surf beach. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of Toothpaste Industry lagoons 8 pages different essay segments and the Mauritian lagoon is far from being spared by this harsh competition.

Budget travelers will find a whole range of basic hotels and guesthouses in the Bandar Sunway area. I am grateful essag not only the professional relationship I have developed with them but sunway the about about one.

Sunway Lagoon, The Ultimate Theme Park of Malaysia

Check their website for more detailed prices of each park. Example, we will provide a mini indoor playground for the children to sunway. During night cruises you might spot the leopard cat, numerous sleeping birds, wild boars, snakes and many crocodiles.


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Built on derelict tin mining land ssunway Petaling Jaya south of Kuala Lumpur, the development is a successful example of rehabilitating an industrial wasteland. Wonder if I can convince the nephew to join me here? By using this site, you agree to aobut Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It looks like lots of fun but, since we were visiting with young kids, we skipped it. I can easily spend a whole day at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, it looks pretty cool! If you guys want to take pictures, make sure you bought a special case for your phone and it’s useful to put money too.

essay about sunway lagoon

While families come here for holidays there is another crowd which frequents this theme park. Looks like this park has everything!

And to imagine that it was made on a mining wasteland, wow!