In Naga Land, there species which grow continuously day and night, month after month and season after season without any dormant period until they are big and nature bear fruits. Hence, any season of the animals and birds finds their food throughout the year leading to an infinite variety of fauna. Archived from the original on 12 December The major languages spoken as per the census are Ao , , Konyak , , Lotha , , Angami , , Phom , , Sumi 92, , Yimchungre 92, , Sangtam 84, , Chakru 83, , Chang 62, , Zeme 71,, covering Zeliang , 61, and Zemi , 10, , Bengali 58, , Rengma 58, , Hindi 56, , Kheza 40, , Khiamniungan 37, , Nepali 24, , Pochury 16, , Kuki 16, , Assamese 16, and Chakhesang 9, There are more varieties of plants in a mountain range in Naga Country than in the whole of one Country in the world and there is more aquatic life in a small river than in a thousand kilometer length of the Holy Ganga.

Galho is a vegetarian porridge cooked with rice, leaves, and condiments. The Naga Country straddles the vast land between these two great river systems into which all its rivers pour their waters. The main crops are rice, millet, maize, and pulses. Wildlife Preservation Division was created during the year with Headquarter at Dimapur which is entrusted with following responsibilities. The state enjoys a healthy, pleasant climate. The dominanat species in this type of forest are Hollong Dipterocarpus macrocarpus , Makai Shorea assamica , Nahor Mesua ferrea etc. Vegetation of Nagaland The Vegetation of Nagaland represents the transition zone between the Indian, Indo-Malayan, Indo-Chinese bio-geographic region as well as a meeting place of Himalayan Mountains with that of Peninsular India and therefore acts as a bio-geographic gateway.

Retrieved 23 August Since the region is culturally rich, instructions had been issued to design all future railway stations reflecting the local culture and heritage of the region.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

Green Skill Development Programme. Size for size, the area inhabited by the Nagas dwarfs in comparison with the subcontinent of India, but compared in terms of the varieties of flora and fauna, it could be quite possible that the positions of the two would nxgaland changed. For this, an IT-enabled platform has been designed which makes people’s participation easy and the process transparent.


States and union territories of India. Do s and Dont s For Eco Tourist. This is due to the excellent plant growth conditions of soil, water and temperature prevalent in the area. Rivers such as the Doyang and Diphu to the north, the Barak river in the southwest, dissect the entire state.

The juice of another plant is used as a paralysing chemical in arrows used for shooting animals.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

The largest urban agglomerations are centred upon Dimapurand KohimaStrip mining has destroyed landscapes, forests and wildlife habitats due to clearing of the site of the mine resulting in removal of trees, plants, and topsoil from the mining area.

Together the British and Indian troops successfully repelled the Japanese troops. Coal dust inhalation causes black lung disease among miners and those who live nearby, and mine accidents kill thousands every year.

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The farm productivity for all crops is low, compared to other Indian states, suggesting a significant opportunity for farmer income increase.

Archived from the original on 24 December The railway network in the state is minimal. Weaving is a traditional art handed down through generations in Nagaland. Forest resource has been playing an integral role in the lives of Naga people since distant past.

Endangered species- both flora and fauna-Nagaland

The flora of a place is the result of the interplay of a combination of factors – edaphic, climatic and topographic. Many of those who lost their lives were Naga people, particularly of Angami tribe.

Folk songs and dances are essential ingredients of the traditional Naga culture. Archived from the original on 1 January The reason may be found in the porous nature of soil where every rainfall sinks underground where it falls without surface flow or water current. The species that make up this forest are similar to those of the Northern Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests.


Inan agreement was reached between Naga leaders and naga,and Indian government, creating a nagqland separate region of the Naga Hills.

Flora, Fauna, Peoples Life and Coal Mining in Nagaland

Rhododendron Macabiunum was fauha discovered in Mt. Yet, in terms of population served for each kilometre of surfaced road, Nagaland is the second best state in fflora region after Arunachal Pradesh. The damage has set a dangerous precedent. Catholics are found in significant numbers in parts of Phek district, Wokha district and Kohima district as well as in the urban areas of Kohima and Dimapur.

The memorandum stated that: Summer is the shortest season in the state that lasts for only a few months.

The mountains ranges of Naga Country run in a general north-south direction and rise, range, from west to east with the highest ranges, the Patkoi Mountain Ranges forming a natural boundary between India and Burma.

Tourism has a lot of potentials but was largely limited due to insurgency and concern of violence over the last five decades. Cash crops, like sugarcane and potato, are also grown in some parts.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

Now, the study done by the Nagaland Pollution Control Board NSCB on coal mining has clearly suggested that current methods of coal mining in the state poses a threat to the flora, fauna and also the people especially those living in the vicinity of the mines.