Deadlines for Fall Intake Applications. Always remember the human and follow the reddiquette. Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Just think Ivy level and thats it. Award recipients will be selected and notified by late April. Harvey Mudd has long had a reputation of being a somewhat quirky place — think juggling, unicycles, and abundant creativity. Of course they won’t.

Just shoot for those stats and some good ECs and your fine. Memes and Off-Topic Chat. Create a new one. As a junior in high school, I took calculus at a local university. HMC faculty are top-flight professionals; engineers, mathematicians and scientist who have an abiding faith in liberal learning and humanist who are unafraid of technology.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Because hwrvey excel at communicating their knowledge, they are talented tutors and committed peers. It is not uncommon for students at HMC to have their work published in nationally recognized journals or to make presentations at academic conferences.

Check on Common App and on the supplement that you are applying ED.

Harvey Mudd College – OYA School

What is Harvey Mudd College known for? How good is Harvey Mudd College? As a residential college, freshmen are required to live on campus, and 99 percent of students remain on campus in one of the eight dormitories. Deadline for need-based financial application February 1.


Answered Aug 9, They have to be excited about the idea of collaboration. How hard is it to get into Harvey Mudd? I think mudd took into account my low income status and my school’s lack of opportunities, but in comparison to my area, I did pretty well I also showed my balanced love of STEM and humanities thru learning languages and linguistics thru the spelling bee or self-studying Tbh I’m not sure why I got in bc my stats were slightly lower and I didn’t have outstanding stem EC’s and didnt do an interview but hey anything is possible!

There is no single most important factor. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Apply by November If ur osp junior essxy, my advice is just to show ur a good fit for the school! A Do not attempt to start discussions about Affirmative Action.

harvey mudd psp essay

Have you tried harrvey Amazon trick? The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Another third is devoted to the humanities and social sciences- an emphasis unequale by any accredited engineering college in the nation. The price Amazon shows isn’t essat the lowest. Binding Early Decision program. As a junior in high school, I took calculus at a local university.


Student panel on social and residential life. Comments which are inflammatory, racist, rude, attacking, etc.

harvey mudd psp essay

Economics and music are two of the most popular but any of the fields offered at Harvey Mudd College and the other Claremont Colleges are options. My essays were likely below-average, as my social skills were poor at the time and I thought my aptitude for academics mudf quite special.

What is the dating culture like at Harvey Mudd? Do not solicit information on how to do such things yourself.

Harvey Mudd College

In addition to this, Harvey Mudd states the following [2]:. Overview of curricular program, and opportunities for research.

Want to add to the discussion? Just think Ivy level and thats it. Class rank Standardized test scores Extracurricular activities Considered: A group of finalists will be selected and contacted to schedule an interview specifically for PSP.