He also taught me how to run a logistic regression provided syntax and all and ran me through the theoretical underpinnings of it. If you get in: In my case I took a big risk as my ethics application took a rly long time to be approved vulnerable popn. This comparison will also take into consideration of Honours , and the psychology programs as a single major. Yr 4 Sem 2:

It might perhaps be used as a tie-breaker between you and someone else with similar credentials. Let’s take it as 4 average. Group sessions are held on research ethics, subject nbsp;. Life finds a way! They will have specific openings for PhD applicants to work on specific projects which they have already pre-determined. And we had to collect a total of participants which was thankfully later reduced — although I still have to collect till now for publishing. Then, look at the requirements and guidelines for each school you are applying to, and cater your statement to suit them.

From your experience, how early would you recommend approaching profs about supervising the HT? You will be studying a very specific topic.

NUS Module Review: Yr 4 Sem 2 (2016/17)

For example, some schools require you to have a list of modules that are related to your field of study, or writing samples, or research proposals etc. I also had trouble coming up with a research question myself because the possibilities were endless.

Then, look at the requirements and guidelines for each school you are applying to, and cater your statement to suit them. When you take modules, everything is very structured in terms of when to read what, when is each assignment due, etc.


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How often will you get to consult your professor? Students who have a CAP of 3. Ideally, he should be somewhere in between. It’s best you start early because the more popular because they are good profs will be snapped up really quickly. Letters of recommendation LORs.

honours thesis psychology nus

I also mentioned my research experience and any other relevant experience or related skills. How much reading do you have to do?

I gonours recommend joining small labs so that you get more work to do, rather than being a small fry at a big lab doing grunt work. I would say 3 different labs would be the best since you would need 3 LORs. I read maybe 50 articles for this stage? Grad school application is mostly a crapshoot, with a lot of factors beyond your control.

Romilda Gareth 29 June at I am an undergraduate who is passionate about research.

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Intro 17 pgs, Methods 5 pgs, Results 9 pgs, Discussion 8 pgs. Thessi share my personal experience, I much prefer to work independently and plan my own time and work with my own deadlines usually set very early.

honours thesis psychology nus

As you can see from the above, a lot of your work is dependent on your prof’s efficiency as well. For Masters 39; theses or PhD dissertation nbsp; NUS Department of Psychology – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is the study of brain and behaviour, and covers a buy essay online diverse range of topics from biological, cognitive, developmental, social and personality, and abnormal psychologyto specialised topics such as emotion and health psychology.


It might perhaps be used as a tie-breaker between you and someone else with similar credentials. I think many profs would have some research questions in mind but no time to do it themselves.

We expect a minimal commitment of a semester at least 5 hours per week or 20 hours per week during the term break.

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I took about months for data collection, so I only had weeks to analyze data and a week to finish writing. Some schools require the subject GRE. But I think rather than the length, you should make each paragraph clear and in particular, use your discussion to explain your results without introducing new info which should have been talked about thesid the intro.

It’s hard to give a ballpark figure, but my final thesis draft had 88 citations – this figure of course does not include articles which I have browsed but didn’t use.

honours thesis psychology nus

It varies by professor! Some universities consider the 4th honours year as equivalent to a Masters mostly UK schools. Thus I hope this entry will help people to make a more informed decision. UK programmes are generally 3 years.

In fact, you must start preparing in Year 3 Sem 2, and apply in Year 4 Sem 1, if you want to go straight after undergrad.