KU Leuven Associatie offers a tutorial dutch only about the different information sources, how to search for specific scientific information and how to use and re-use this information for your own papers. Although these two quotes were thus made under a different registration and within different parliamentary circumstances, they both suggests that differing ideological backgrounds did not necessarily meant great differences in the semantic discourse. The content of this quote does not differ significantly from the other citations presented above, especially the last part is a mere echo of the discussed liberal point of view on volksverheffing and the good 68 Handelingen der Staten Generaal II, Om de veiligheid te garanderen vragen wij jullie om je fiets in de fietsenparking tussen het Atrechtcollege en het HOG gebouw te zetten. The pride of the young aspiring soldiers to serve would, the liberals expected, be aroused during the training — the military drill was as much about physical and technical training as about the nationalist sentiments that accompany serving in the national army. Two examples show this way of reasoning.

The choice for this one specific concept comes forth out of the need to fill in a hiatus in the secondary scholarly literature on the liberal political movement see below. Keywords hit in search results Captured Content. But, keeping the statement he would make in on the upbringing of the national population in mind, it is to be seen if he granted them equal importance. Sociaal-liberalisme in Nederland, Amsterdam, Dodde, N. These benefits are not always financially measurable but it is undeniable that qualitative education influences the condition of the entire population.

Encyclopaedia of Cubature Formulas These pages are continuously under construction! Student thesis copyright regulations. These benefits are not always financially measurable but it is undeniable that qualitative education influences the condition of the entire population.

Het departement Computerwetenschappen verwelkomt haar The Jos Schepens prize for the kuleuveh thesis in our departement is awarded to Maarten Decat for his thesis. The convertibility however only worked one way, thereby preventing the two words to become synonyms.


The process of teaching could occur outside the environment of primary schools. For a complete and excellent research into the Social Issue, see: Dedicated to improving skills and standards in the reporting and sharing of information that emerges online. This research has touched — at least briefly — the former two, but has also introduced a biblioteek institution of pedagogisation: It could also be a motivation in itself, bibliothheek stimulus to improve the quality of the contemporary educational systems.

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This research aims to apply the relatively new research method of using searching engines to disclose large textual corpora to an archive that is over a century old with a twofold goal. Computerwetenschappen; Je vindt er informatie thezis de opleiding, waarom kiezen voor de opleiding computerwetenschappen.

The beschavingsoffensieven at the turn of the century 33 have thoroughly been researched as well, just as the role of education.

Sociaal-liberalisme in Nederland, Amsterdam, Dodde, N. Keeping the ideological background of the liberal movement in mind, this observation is not an unexpected one. Obligatory subjects were mathematics, reading and writing. Sociaal-liberalisme bibliotherk Nederland, Amsterdam, Stefan Gradmann has shown, the semantic approach, within Digital Humanities, means a shift in the way books, or containers of information as he calls them, are perceived.

Obviously one can raise concerns and objections against digital sources — about 3 See for example: Unther the sign of liberalism. One more bibliotheeek that demonstrate the importance of this disciplining for national benefit in the liberal perspective is interesting because it makes a link between education and criminality, just as Dolk would do two years later.


A strict education, controlled by bibliitheek national government, could be highly effective in economic and social relief.

Although the roots of the School Debate go well back into the s, the School Act of often is seen as the trigger to an upheaval of the debate. International Journal of the History of Education, Vol.

As even until the second half of the nineteenth century, the Netherlands had been divided as a country, national feelings were practically non-existent.

kuleuven thesis bibliotheek

A semantic research is an approach that, by searching for keywords in their respective contexts, can show what the vocabulary of decades ago actually meant within that given time and place. The impact of MH17 on Dutch foreign policy towards Russia.

Thesis kuleuven computerwetenschappen

When writing a thesis you will need to compose a biography as well. From the relevant documents that the searching engine would bring up, the debates that discussed four specific and different topics were chosen, all four were relevant and current socio-political issues at the moment see below and therefore forming interesting contexts. Digital history With a few last words, I would like to conclude by returning to my methodology because one of the goals of this thesis, as explained in the introduction, lied within the approach itself, and I wish to strike another blow for the benefits of Digital History.

While analysing and rebuilding a discourse at the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century or in any period of time at allit is inevitable for the researcher to look at the discourse in a completely unbiased and objective manner: Talsma, De verzuiling voorbij.