Please attach with Business Name Card of the person who certifies the documents. Please allow 4 working days to get the policy back to us. For us, it was a tricky timing thing because we were also selling our house simultaneously but we stayed with relatives in Canada for about 6 weeks after filing and once the house was sold to allow some time before entering Malaysia on a three month visitor visa. For those who have retired, they are required to show proof of receiving pension from government RM 10, per month. Or do we just send the hard copies directly to them thru mail? What is admirable about Drillmaster is that their designs are consistently consistent, and if you acclaim traveling for a specific design, but in a acclimatized blossom or style, Replica watches are the best for you. Replica rolex daytona aswell has a accumulating declared drillmaster originals which consists of archetypal favorites, which are abounding for anyone who loves the old styles that artificial appearances and were complete acclimatized in the s.

Click here for a sample employment letter. Application can be made via e-Consular System www. These documents are required to show that you are financially strong to support your stay in Malaysia. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please attach with Business Name Card of the person who certifies the documents.

If you don’t send now, maybe you have to send later when you come over for passport endorsement.

Don’t worry about payment. Since we will be processing it directly, can we leave this blank? The fixed deposit amount doubles for applicants under age You are commenting using your WordPress. A;plication you be able to tell us if Engineers come under this category?


mm2h application cover letter

Notify me of new posts via email. There are many like it, but this one is mine. The Rambling Ginger Ramblings of a applciation. Thanks for the info and wishing you the best with the process! She never heard of any such card and told us the rule is that your passport does need to be stamped on and out every time. We got our MM2H visas in January.

This email address is being protected from spambots. These documents are for application purposes only and it will not be reviewed after the application has been approved.

We got our visa last year. It must be from an insurance company and not your employer when you resigns from your job, you may not be ltter.

mm2h application cover letter

Securities are technically allowed but highly discouraged especially if you hold mutual funds where balances are subject to underlying securities lether fluctuate with the market. All applicants who wish to apply to stay in Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme must submit the following documents:. Joy-Stay’s list of Required Documents is very detailed because we attempt to list out all the information collected from our past experiences in the MM2H submission process. Yvonne told us she can set up the medical and insurance parts.

Please refer to the checklist to see if cofer are required to have it.

MM2H Application Forms – MM2H

Hi Bless, I am also applying directly and emailed them to ask about that sponsor ap;lication. The applicant must appear in person at the Immigration Department of Malaysia and is required to bring the following documents:. We may rephrase some sentences and put the contents in a slightly different perspective so that it is easier for the approving committee to read.


Then we went through the agents and found ones who had a selection of our potentials.

Guidelines To Apply For A Supporting Letter For Letter of Good Conduct – MM2H Official Portal

Many people have been renewed according to our agent with no problems. MM2H Application Form s. With the rejection letter, we will ask Immigration coover waive the requirement. We need both the copy in original language as well as the English-translated copy. If you own a company, the policy cannot state “employees of the company”.

If your original copy is bilingual or trilingual as in EUthen there is no need for translation. Good luck and look forward to catching up in Ipoh I will appllication you my email. Insurance policy must be in English.


If you have done the photocopy in colour, then it is fine, it can be used. We had 6 months to run on our health insurance policy, they were happy with that.

If we need to buy local insurance, then we have the forms ready.