Members of the faculty, parents, guests, and graduates, have no fear. They weren’t as devoid of artistic production as we’ve learned. Too good, in fact, to be wasted on the young: This article has 0 comments. I would like to receive. Smith, which motivates its audience to violence, and in real life of people who appear in news articles in the newspaper. And they wrote and performed plays that, almost three millennia later, still have the power to make audiences laugh and weep.

They even invented what, today, we call the Olympics, and among their values none stood higher than that in all things one should strive for excellence. Next, I put the definition of epideictic rhetoric from Wikipedia on the screen. To be an Athenian is to take an interest in public affairs and the improvement of public behavior. You must be an Athenian or a Visigoth. And a Visigoth is an idea.

Athenians and Visigoths: Neil Postman’s Graduation Speech

Unmasking a Troubling Text Unit Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Chaucer, for example, wrote during this time. We call them the Visigoths, and you may remember that your sixth or seventh-grade teacher mentioned them. I do not mean, of course, that our modern-day Athenians roam abstractedly through the streets reciting poetry and philosophy, or that the modern-day Visigoths are killers.

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Because of the masses of women in society today unwilling to accept how they look, these women would settle for watching it being done to the lucky few appearing on the show. Thank you, and congratulations.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. To further explain, Extreme Makeover displays the lavish idea of the creation of beauty in graduztion in order to raise the television ratings to compete in the race to supersede the other television series airing http: Click to learn more https: How about make it original?


“My Graduation Speech”: Metaphorically Speaking, Are You an Athenian or a Visigoth

They believed in moderation. We will write a custom paper sample on My graduation speech by Neil Postman specifically for you. Indeed, the ancient Athenians had a word for people who did not. Furthermore, the desire to win and supersede others is shown in the exploitation of violence registered by the characters in the film Mr.

They were spectacularly good horsemen, which is about the only pleasant thing history can say of them. The modern Visigoth cares very little about any of this.

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Nothing is needed to be said that the majority of people do things for themselves, lack the sense of community, reject tradition, use rude language, work on grotesque art, and learn to win other people or to make money, and decices problems to other people for their own power. How about receiving a customized one? Now, the point I want to make is that the Athenians and the Visigoths still survive, and they do so through us and the ways in which we conduct our lives.

This article has 0 comments. As the audience would not intentionally view themselves among the like of the Visigoths, while Postman boasts of the educated and sagacious virtues of Athenians, he indirectly complicates the spectators, who aligning themselves for the better.


my graduation speech neil postman rhetorical devices

In their use of language, Athenians strive for grace, precision, and variety. However, in the end their secrets are exposed when they are hired to kill each other.

Reading and the Empathetic Imagination: Too good, in fact, to be wasted on the young: Before becoming an American professor, a media theorist, and a cultural critic, Neil Postman had once presented himself before his fellow graduates in a single speech.

On the other hand, the idea regarding the rhetorucal aspect of humans originated from the Visigoth from Germany approximately years ago.

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To be an Athenian is to hold knowledge and, especially the quest for knowledge in high esteem. Eventually, like the rest of us, you must be on one side or the other. I chose not to put them on the spot and ask for volunteers to graduatikn. To be an Athenian is to understand that the thread which holds civilized society together is thin and vulnerable; therefore, Athenians place great value on tradition, social restraint, and continuity.

Next, I put the definition of epideictic rhetoric from Wikipedia on the screen. Since the definition is a tad confusing, I give students this information: Schools regularly choose speakers who are unlikely to motivate, inspire, or provide advice that will be remembered after the post-graduation hangover.