That is, your case study must in total cover each of the minimum standards only once. In addition, in a separate envelope, you need to provide the following documents: Overview Experience Areas Related content Share this. All pages consecutively numbered. For this a Guide to the Minimum Standards for Registration is available. Nzrab case study requirements , review Rating: Client release letter s.

Each copy of your case study must be provided in and not exceed an Eastlight or Colorado hard card foolscap filing box. You must bring the third copy of your case study to the professional conversation for you to refer to. Experience Areas are summarised below: Contractual responsibilities must be clean—the consultant describes design intent, and constructor responds with appropriate means and methods. Your case study must be in English. For information on what’s required to present a case study electronically as a PDF, go here.

Nzrab case study requirements

This experience is documented in a case study that you submit with your registration application. Where appropriate and relevant, your case study studh include at least the following documentation:.

nzrab case study requirements

Please advise us of this when submitting your application. Where more than one project is submitted, a summary sheet in tabular form must be included clearly identifying the standards covered under each project.

For each project recorded, you must have worked on it for at least four consecutive dequirements. Intake close off date: They are not part of the assessment process.

New Zealand Registered Architects Board – Pathway 1 (former)

When you make an application for registration, you submit your case study at the same time. Without exception, applications will be returned if they do not comply, ie if too much material is included. Your case study must take into account the Minimum Standards for Initial Registration as an Architect. The body of your case study must consist of sections leading chronologically through the project seach section having a written commentary and examples caes typical documents relevant to each stage of the project.


The two hard copies of the case study are required for the registration assessors. Information you need to provide To apply for registration you need to provide the following information: Pathway 1 applicants must have a recognised qualification in architecture and the required work experienceor, where they do NOT meet both of these requirements, have been individually assessed by the NZRAB, and have completed any additional study or experience required as a result.

Extra time may be granted for the professional conversation. To assist, examples of how past applicants have done this are available. Client release letter s. Applications sent narab early are appreciated so that we can carry out our preliminary checking processes before acse date.

Nzrab, the findings of these requirements cannot be compared directly, stufy these studies used different approaches to classify waste origins from construction projects. Options need to be assessed against cade set earlier in the process regarding the nzrab case quality, time and cost in order to make the most appropriate decision for the requiremenrs. For those with a recognised qualification and the required work experience, please follow the four steps outlined below.

nzrab case study requirements

Your case study should not include standard documents such as the Standard Conditions of Contract or standard technical literature, but should include documents specific to the project s. Decision criteria This experience is documented in a case study that you submit with your registration application. Whether you have just graduated or have been working for a while, the NZIA encourages you to become a Registered Architect.


On-line seminars on important topics are also provided to members login to the members area of this website to view these. Members of such organisations are stufy to meet high ethical and competency standards in addition to holding a professional qualification.

nzrab case study requirements

This may include asking you to sketch typical construction details. My parents come from art and science backgrounds, so architecture was always an option.

The professional areas in which you need to demonstrate competence are called Experience Areas. Your case study should cover projects that were completed less that five years ago.

To apply follow the steps outlined below. Plans must be legible and bound together in a studh group for each project, and must be folded into the file box. Contractual responsibilities must be clean—the consultant describes design intent, and constructor responds with appropriate means and methods. You must bring your own laptop or other electronic device to the professional conversation with your Case Study on it, so you can show your Case Study and details therein on a monitor which will be connected to your device by a HDMI cable.

Memory stick containing your case study PDF.