These students are referred by current 6 th grade teachers. The two teachers will agree on an alternate instructional strategy to re-teach the concept…and which of the two may best deliver the instruction. In addition, this time is also utilized for re-teaching concepts for small groups of students who had difficulty with a common formative assessment; need to re-take a test, or need more help with make-up work from absences. Service at West Middle School for the school year will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month. In addition to the frequent individual student recognitions, the teaching staff celebrates student success at faculty meetings periodically throughout the school year. For example, for the 10 students in the 6th grade math class, they have 3 staff in the class assisting and each student has an individual set of goals or a set of goals in common with other students if the students are struggling with the same concepts.

XTS will provide time and opportunities during the school day to address the needs of students who have not finished learning in the time permitted during a regular class period. In the spring, each team is responsible for creating a year-end Pulse Point report detailing departmental work. Students who are identified as needing additional time and support are closely monitored and provided with evidence-based interventions. FINL is an American retail chain that sells athletic shoes and related apparel and accessories.. The school frequently communicates the success and challenges of the PRTI program with staff and parents in a variety of ways.

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GA is for publif who are not completing school work and for whom multiple classroom and team interventions have proven ineffective. Service at West Middle School for the school year will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Homework hotline home information home enrollnow the west middle school musical is moving to the fall. Level A is self- monitoring and has the highest level of independence for students. Realizing that summative assessments were only valuable in showing which students learned the content after the fact, departmental teams and content partners have been creating formative assessments to help guide ongoing instructional decisions How do we know if they have learned it?


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Some of these resources include District support eg. Student 13 – Guided Advisory class won’t do student. Staff with the same courses will occasionally swap students in order to create more intensive, explicit instructional opportunities when needed.

We continue to staff the building with a full-time Coordinator as well as a one hour release for a Reading Coordinator and Math Homewoek to do weekly checks on student progress and to work with small groups or individual students struggling in these areas. Network of Outside Resources: One school has a Link Crew and the other a Student Ambassador program where juniors and senior are assigned to a group of incoming freshman.

Each Boot Camp focuses on a summary skill where students work on the skill through guided and independent practice.

Training consisted of some or all of the following: We do not wait to implement new ideas; rather we have homeqork action research mentality. The 30 minute eXtended Time and Support period allows students to access teachers for additional support as needed during the school day.

We are continuing that trend in by having new staff attend workshops or do book studies.

portage public schools homework hotline

xchools These students are referred by current 6 th grade teachers. All students who are in PAR4 read with a peer mentor in order to be able to have one on one discussions about what is being read. These students are progress monitored quarterly to ensure they are applying the strategies to meet the expectations of the targeted area.


portage public schools homework hotline

A multitude of programs are in place to support the transitions from sschools to middle school. Additionally, a realization that some sub-groups of students were not performing at high levels, and in fact were performing below state averages, helped provide the push that was needed to reinvent how we approached educating the children who walked through our doors.

The process of building a professional learning community which focuses on student learning did not happen by accident.

We continue to learn and do more things to help students learn. Contracts are used as a reminder system to students and as a means of communication between home and school. The group follows a very strict structure that is facilitated by a teacher or a para-pro. Based on the results of the diagnostic testing and any previous math interventions, students are placed in one of several targeted math hotlone groups.

The departments have created common formative and summative assessments based on the essential learnings. West Newsletters The West. This season on Homework Hotline we will be talking about some important issues that impact.

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School Map; Homework Hotline. Portage West Middle School has been a high. The math department has identified new “Power Standards” i. Directory portage public schoolswest. Students who participate in a Writing Boot Camp are on watch for the remainder of the school year. Students work on pre-algebra standards from grades as identified potage diagnostic testing.