Which pay rate would you choose? An example might be a shoe that has its own wireless acquired IP address and keeps track of how many steps one takes each day. Add 3 Numbers word problems within 20; fluently add and 3. Combine Two- Dimensional Shapes Use Doubles to Add subtract within 10 1. Give the students the practice problem from Independent Activity 1 below.

Change student names to students within your class. Chapter 2 Number Theory. Follow the same model for the paper versus the human game. Partition Rectangles of, third of, etc. Week 19 – 21 Chapter 6 3-Digit 5.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

God has at various Big idea: Using a presentation about modern computers as an example, the teacher models the process of asking questions, organizing ideas, doing research, and giving a presentation. Chapter 1 of “Blown to Bits” and the lesson motivate students to begin thinking 12.9 the advancement of technology and its impact on many aspects of their lives both positively and negatively.

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Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. Think about your typical day. Determine how large data sets impact the use of computational processes to discover information and knowledge.

Class-wide development of the graphical organizer should be facilitated with scaffolding to support students who are having difficulty with the concept. By developing components, testing to be sure they are correct and combining them you can create complex, correct programs. Was it positive, negative, or neutral? Values can be stored in variables. It is important to keep this portion of the class moving so students have enough time for the labs.


problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

The rubric for this project is also in the Lesson Resources folder. If this was done in the practice task, then questions addressed in this session may be assigned as homework, with students using the first day to do preliminary research.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Checks for understanding throughout the entire slapsed of learning to use the PyCharm IDE by using active participation in trying each step of the process and having students help their elbow partner when difficulties arise. Assign students to 5 groups and assign a section a – e to each group. Use a timer and have students briefly share their progress roughly every 10 minutes.

Assign students to investigate and use online collaboration tools to: Students will give examples of solbing their activity online is tracked and how the knowledge of them is used to taylor the results and the possible repercussions. Each routers contains a configuration table with information that it can use to send packets to the correct location.

One way to protect against them is a firewall. A single collection Big idea: Add four headings Punch cards, Magnetic polarity, Electrical voltage, Light intensity under which students will add content in the collaborative research activity.

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Moderate waves of some length. Nearly all programming languages are equivalent in terms of being able to express any algorithm. Week 14 – 18 Chapter 5 Factors, 4. As soon as students complete their post it notes, have them choose their role by placing the post it notes next to the device name.


Students elpased through a guided tutorial on while loops and learn more turtle graphics features. Pairs of pairs get together to share what they read and what they got out of the article. Students will experience some of the many collaborative tools available online and develop effective group communication skills. Briefly demonstrate how to read flowcharts while showing the example from How to Think Like a Computer Scientist.

How much more efficient is a computer at looking through millions of strings of data compared to a human?

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Explain how relatively small packets are used to transmit large files on the Internet and identify what information each packet must possess. Using a real-time network tool that measures the number of views per minute, students generate a question that can be answered using this tool. No se puede cargar usuario con el ID: How many possible tic-tac-toe games are there? They should think about a problem to be solved, describe it as an algorithm, and select the appropriate iteration structure.