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Epidemiological data on the major blinding eye diseases worldwide. We were unable to identify factors that promote publication. This causes the retina to be affected Support Center Support Center. Search and download doctoral PHD dissertations from Sweden.

The peripheral immune dysfunction in HD could be modulated by Sirtuins which have both pro and anti-inflammatory activities. Ohba Ohba N.

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Young and non-verbal children cannot cooperate with conventional adult-oriented monitoring devices, therefore a safe and reliable technique to monitor for vigabatrin retinal toxicity is missing.

This study was performed in the local setting of one medical college in India. Geographical distribution and socioeconomic factors The determination of the country of the first author was opthhalmology for 59, articles Minimum qualifications for teachers in medical institutions ophthalmoloyy, Refractive errors and low vision.


Optical Coherence Tomography OCT is a relatively new imaging technique which is of great importance in the identification of ocular and especially retinal diseases.

Determination of authorship credit in published dissertations. Boudry Boudry C. The thesis describes the neural precursor cell line RN33B transplanted subretinally to pumed healthy and young dystrophic rat retina.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

Reflections on Determining authorship ophthalmologg and authorship order on faculty-student collaborations. When the country was absent in the address, it was determined from the city or email address using an Internet search engine if necessary. Additional Information and Declarations Competing Interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

Data were downloaded and processed through developed PHP scripts for further analysis.

Thus, the efficient analysis of OCT images provides several advantages. Perhaps institutional endorsement, recognition and reward for published work may help. Visual perceptual impairments are well established in schizophrenia, ranging from deficits in basic visual discrimination to abnormalities in higher-level visual integration.

Hong Kong was considered as part of China. Although these results may seem logical, we did not find similar results in the literature.

The GDP is the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a given period.

In addition, it is too traumatic to take a biopsy from tissues like eyes and coronary arteries. The percentage of papers published in English in the entire PubMed database between and was also calculated using the following search strategy: Please review our privacy policy.


Methods Graph-theoretical methods have We observed that in vivo assessment of ESS was closely related to: See yesterday’s most popular searches here.

Masters theses from a university medical college: Publication in indexed scientific journals

Prof Psychol Res Pr. A B C Country No.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

Table 1 Number of publications per thesis. Traditionally student theses contain a great wealth of information but are rarely accessible to the OCT community.

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We developed a fast simulator of finite-beam optical coherence tomography OCT of inhomogeneous turbid media. However, segmentation done by the clinicians manually is extremely tedious, time-consuming and variable with respect to the expertise level.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

Rev Assoc Med Bras. However, the malaise is global, even though each institution is unique. The percentage of articles in English in the entire PubMed database was