Typically, sources are listed in alphabetical order, although chronological or hierarchical ordering is also possible. The thesis process is divided into the following courses: Its purpose is to provide the reader with basic information on the work in proper form. The entrepreneur is responsible for the finances, growth, competencies and personnel of his company. Read more about thesis guidance on the Elmo Student login required.

The child learns the same things as other children, and therefore has a good chance of coping in social situations. Library Services Thesis Sauna one-to-one guidance in database search problems Information Seeking Guidande Learn to Find All library services above are found on the web page: There may even be extensive reference to the same source. The topic should be handled by using up-to-date methods that suit the student’s field of education. Pohjola thinks that all points of view should be taken into consideration in work meetings.. If two or more successive references are made to the same page of the same source, it is not necessary to indicate a page number after ibid.

Here the appendix may also be defined as, e. The goal of the work and the research taskstated in a compact, yet sufficiently informative way. Instructions of your own school Please, read the instructions of your own school on the Elmo Student login required.

Project Reporting Instructions

Starting a Thesis Your thesis knstructions as a process. Your thesis progresses as a process. In order to be able to apply for your degree certificate, the student must have submitted the electronic archiving copy of the thesis and the Theseus transcript permission to publish for a public thesis or a paper copy no permission to publish, deliver to the Education Secretary.

Make a topic proposal, a thesis plan and any agreements related to carrying out your thesis work with your commissioning party if applicable.


The author s of project reports can obtain an electronic description page template from the various schools of JAMK University of Applied Sciences as well as from the Study Guide. Please, read more about the confidential thesis on the website of Reporting, Publicity and Prevention of Plagiarism. If the author of the source is known, reference is made in name-year format; otherwise, reference is made to the title of the work or page heading as well as the year.

Personal communications often represent important sources of information, and therefore detailed bibliographic information must be disclosed in the list of references see List of References, Non-print sources [personal communications]. Archiving and publishing are different matters. Only full sentences should be used in the abstract, as well as statements of fact, the passive voice, and the past tense.

In such cases, the appendix will be declared confidential, but the thesis itself will be public.

thesis instructions jamk

Select your home organization from a list and log in with your personal network username and password. A primary source need not be specified in the list of references if the source itself is not cited in the text. Styles facilitate professional word processing skills Keinonen b, The Date theeis the description page refers to the submission date of the report i.

thesis instructions jamk

JAMK University of Applied Sciences follows the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Culture, according to which theses must not incorporate confidential material and are in the public domain from the moment they are approved.

Discuss your choice of topic with your career tutor, for example. The theses are published in the PDF format. Rhesis reference ends with a full stop, which comes before the closing parenthesis.


Archiving and Publishing

instrucions Theseus online form Instructions Theseus. When the author is not named in the signal phrase, the reference to the source is placed in parentheses before the full stop. When the author is not named in the signal phrase, the reference to the source is indicated in parentheses and placed after the last sentence of the citation. Make a preliminary plan in your Personal Learning Plan regarding your thesis progress, including the completion of the maturity test.

As a rule, the thesis is done towards the end of the studies. Thesis plan Please, see instruction on how to prepare a thesis plan. Keyword indices do not usually include the latest field-specific terminology—consequently, field-specific terms are used as keywords. The item Pages indicates the total number of pages contained in the report.

Following the abbreviation of a standard, the standard number as well as the page number or range must be cited. The students will learn to create an information base founded on sources and to report the results in accordance with the JAMK’s fhesis. The page numbers of cited sources are also significant in this respect.

thesis instructions jamk

The rehabilitation is also fruitful, owing to the repetition demanded by everyday chores. Theseus online form Instructions Theseus. For the instructlons of simplicity, this basic principle is to be followed when citing sources of all kinds, even if the standard recommendation might be otherwise.

Radio and television broadcasts are cited according to the name of the programme and the year.