Scapegoat provides its natural defense, and Metamorphosis really shines in this deck. Each game requires a decent amount of investment that once someone picks one, they usually hold onto it for a while, and so the rival factions form. You dismissed this ad. Unique Magician that helps add diversity and flexibility to the scales. With Pot of Greed , Graceful Charity , Ring of Destruction , Mirror Force all staples going onto the ban list, space will open for people to run more spell and trap removal making decks that rely on permanent spell and traps and field spells, less effective.

YuGiOh is usually played by younger people with less access to money. Reducing your opponents life points to 0 is one of the ways that wins you a duel, a match is the best 2 out of 3 duels. All you have to do is remove 1 light and 1 dark monster from the graveyard, so it is basically a free summon if your have the monsters in the graveyard. When it came into play, right before you would lose the duel to it’s effect people would simply concede the duel, to have a chance to win duels 2 and 3 and still win the match. They steal from each other. One player wins by turn 3, or the game draws out for an eternity. Rarely summoned, but when it is, it tends to be devastating.

The game is built around effect monsters, and Dark Magician cost too many cards for a non-effect weak attack two-tribute monster.

Apprentice Magician also helps you thin your deck. Gravekeepers do have a special place in my heart. You dismissed this ad. When will they start doing a draft for War of the Spark in Magic: But for YuGiOh… the power creep is fast, extreme, and game breaking. YuGiOh never had this, and has required an extensive ban list as a stop-gap measure. I hope that helps. You currently have javascript disabled.


With 3 Book of MoonGravekeepers could do massive amounts of damage in yugooh turn. So often, Terraforming and Necrovalley were bad top-decks because I already had a Necrovalley in play, and a dead draw will cost you duels.

Also Rite of Spirit took up very valuable trap space. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

This is not just due to their various tournament formats, but their FAR superior card creation process. The hand effect is useful, but no longer as needed with the recent support. Mainly used as a defensive card to protect against bottomless and other irritating trap cards that disrupt plays.

thesis magician yugioh

First, there is a straight old fashion beat-down aspect, which Thesjs believe will make a comeback with the new ban list coming out. After Victory Dragon, all match winners have been prizes at high level tournaments, and all match thfsis have the same forbidden status, they are more showpieces than usable cards. Level 7 beatstick with a decent scale.

It can flip a match into your favor as fast as any other monster, and that come back ability make Chaos Sorcerer great.

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I will take one side of an argument and Dan will take another, and hopefully through our healthy debate, we will inspire you to dialogue with your friends, and us, and through that dialogue we will learn a thing or two about dueling.


Like I have said before Magic to Yugioh is like chess is yugiohh checkers. It is a not very productive reaction to being ostracized because of your hobbies to look for a weaker, even less socially acceptable to pick on.

Dark Paladin promotes bad hand management and takes away too many slots where good cards should be.

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Mabician rest is pretty much obvious cards, and Solemn Judgment is the best late game card, period. Have you tried this Amazon trick? What is the most effective method of playing Spellcasters?

In the end, I could never run all the spells and traps needed, and ended up with too many bad draws. Community Forum Software by IP.

thesis magician yugioh

Chaos Sorcerer can change board presence as fast as any monster. Answered Jul 20, Gravekeeprs, Dark MagicianDark Paladin or some other form of Spellcaster, which is the best way to play Spellcasters. It was maagician, So we stopped same day play and they are not allowed in the play area on our day.

thesis magician yugioh

Attack from the Deep Sealed. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: Great stats that allow it to serve as a good wall. Each game requires a thessi amount of investment that once someone picks one, they usually hold onto it for a while, and so the rival factions form.