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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If Tom was a Head of Department today, what would his departmental meetings look like? Even at primary level, students are not all the same. Hunches and opinions are key in education — education is all about values in the end so we need to be careful not to assume there is some scientific truth about learning that can be pinpointed; that will never happen. Being solely Mode A risks building a picture of maths as lots of repetitive drilling and practicing of rules, which has been found to build quite unhealthy attitudes towards the subject.

It is cited as a hard fact in articles such as this one by Tim Lott in the Guardian: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The trouble with homework… westfieldacademytandl – December 7, If Tom was a Head of Department today, what would his departmental meetings look like?

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Recent Comments rosemariefrost homeaork Studying successfully: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Then I can help some who are struggling and push others on. Again, in truth, each study really needs to be looked at in detail.


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Home Manage homework with ZiLink – December 11, The five forms of feedback I give to teachers most fom Mode A homework might include: Why it is THE must-read for all teachers. Tom is an experienced former Headteacher and teacher.

tom sherrington homework

Would Tom prescribe essential elements of each lesson — eg drills, low-stakes quizzes — or leave individual teachers to decide? One of the worst lessons you can have is where you foolishly asked a whole class to make powerpoints and then you have sit through them all.

There are lots of ways to keep tabs on completion and major learning issues without feeling you need to mark every inch of every homework yourself. I was in the UK at the time.

Appropriate homework — From Good to Outstanding – September 3, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Recent Posts Studying successfully: Hattie goes on to report that other factors make a difference to the results: All of this makes sense to me and none of it challenges my predisposition to be a massive advocate for homework.


Homework: What does the Hattie research actually say?

Leading 21st C learning: And using techniques such as choice and creativity to drive this. This applies to writing essays, writing up science investigations, practicing maths problems, constructing a paragraph in French, producing some ideas in a sketchbook for Art or DT…etc.

Leadership IssuesTeaching and Learning. To provide opportunities for extended practice: Recent Comments rosemariefrost on Studying successfully: Thanks for writing this post.

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Well, now we are starting to make some sense. April 14, How self-aware are you?

Most homework is, therefore, peer or self assessed. So these things need to be taken into account too. Homework has an impact but you must design it properly was my basic conclusion.

tom sherrington homework

Expecting these things to be reduced sensibly into scientifically absolute measured truths is absurd. Why do we torment kids with homework?