I have to admit that I found PP rather wordy too. OUt of the insane explosion over eons of time stars formed, planets, and so forth!! By the way, you always need to question everything. Congratulations for no longer needing OTC meds. Any advertisement here, to me, is suspect for the simple reason it is to make money, not to create healthy people. Bill Kamenos January 31,

Certainly, there are numerous foods with lectins that we recommend avoiding for various reasons but a plant-based diet is the optimal choice for improving your overall health and well-being. My Christian experience I am a Christian pastor does not in itself validate my dietary approach although I do experience a conjunction of experience and understanding through both. Pastor John June 14, A PhD is someone who is paid to conduct myopic research and publish in peer-reviewed journal articles, but to do so they need to often focus on minutia that only those relative few in the field actual care about. I believe 4kg a week you could loose if you follow it to the letter.

Frankly, I love the scriptures, but not more than God. From there, you can start eating more salads, smoothies and juices and incorporate some of our favorite fruit- and vegetable-based recipes into your dietary regimen. Melody Hord September 10, If so, could you publish a LINK? I tried to verify what I could as a scientist, that is all. All of those quotes have links to studies, articles.

True, I also believe that if people are healthy and fit without any medical conditions that they know of, then Dr. Are scientists adding NEW things that are making us sick? The dot somehow contain all of the matter in the Universe and decided to explode!!



In the modern world we no longer believe in a god of the sun, the moon, gunery harvest, fertility, rain, or the sea. G has seen it work in practice over and over again, and though the reasons may not match the aram, I will stick with it even though it is a bit inconvenient. I adxm flowers and dirt for the first time in FOUR years to plant around my house! The second part introduces incha language that extends Haskell with type-level data and functions, and dependent product types.

As an atheist, a reference to the Bible as an appeal to authority is a major turn off for me when reading an article, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and the points the author makes are very specific and make me want to do my own personal research on those points.

adam gundry thesis

The only intelligent explanation thfsis that we evolved from quadrupeds. How do grown people believe this crap? Amy Kippin December 3, De Gruyter Online Google Scholar. I happen to disagree with many purely Biblical points, but also point out to those people who mock belief in God at least as a Causeless Cause that argument cannot resolve the issue, as the two systems Faith and Science are orthogonal no parallels, except, perhaps at the undecidable singularity of origin.

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Beneficial bacteria thrive on plant fibers, gums, and resistant starches. If all of life evolved from lesser forms of life then we would expect to see countless examples in the fossil record but most importantly, we should see many LIVING examples of the missing links.


I afam about to turn 56 look and feel great my stomach feels better so with that, everyone make up your own mind. Gundry is incorrect in his evolutionary arguments, especially where he implies that plants can think. While I agree with a few points of the blog, there is no question folksy Dr Gundry needs a marketing makeover and to tighten up some of the copy and presentation. Here at Hallelujah Diet we are constantly thesia to understand health and nutrition.

adam gundry thesis

Only those with their head in a dark hole and weak thinking and logic skills could believe humans evolved from monkeys.

So do we worship God or Scripture? Here I found a reference to a study that examined lectin activity in gluten.

adam gundry thesis

Shirley, What is meant when you state that non christians are intelegent, or some are? Where is your proof of Evolution?

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About the article Received: The last things in my garden, only eaten out of desperation by wildlife, are nightshades. So, I went to the next reference in the paragraph and checked it out. Its about personal health. Did this all start after the fall of man?

This also means that grain-fed animals, such as poultry and beef, are abundant in lectins, as are dairy products like milk, sour cream, cheese and yogurt. Your argument is all your opinion.