A conversation between the three of us team members that drove us to redesign a new concept for a pioneer of mobile banking app in Bangladesh;. Coefficients Coefficients B Std. We hypotheses that there is a significant relationship among satisfaction level, perceived value, communication efficiency and bKash offers. Some of these are not perfectly representing the concept behind use. Generally, users are supposed to provide their photo to the bKash authority. The adaptation of marketing to individual consumers is a fundamental building block of mobile marketing Barnes and Scornavacca, 2. At last, we would like to thank all people, including faculty and staff who have helped us to prepare this term paper.

Remember me on this computer. Furthermore, a mobile handset is easily used to handle mobile banking transactions though it is not known by all. Strongly disagree nor disagree agree Conceptual Framework of Research Variables and their Relationships 2. Descriptive statistics and Reliability coefficient of perceived value, communication efficiency, bKash offers and customer satisfaction:

Research methodology of our study is descriptive in nature. This paper explores how customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction affect customer attitude toward the bkaxh provided by bKash and the variance explained by previously explained variables such as gender, education level, occupation, age group and income level. Research methodology of this study is descriptive in nature. Understanding the audience is the main thing to know, that is needed to develop something that works for users.

Here is what we find and we are showing them in the different scenarios. Mobile banking is real time saving banking than traditional Banking. The broad objective of this research is to Identify and xase both the current attitudes and new forward-looking intentions of potential and existing customers towards the services of bKash.

We have used structured questionnaire. It will make access to advanced payment, transactions at affordable cost. The first cqse of customer satisfaction is perceived quality and the second component of customer satisfaction is bkzsh value Fornell, The practical knowledge and experience gathered during report preparation will immeasurably help in future professional life. For instance, as the costs for bKash increases, we may see that customers allocate more resources toward receiving other options.


The adaptation of marketing to individual consumers is a fundamental building block of mobile marketing Barnes and Scornavacca, 2. Perceived trust and risk are somewhat similar concept that are verified as major obstacles in adoption of mobile banking services Lee and Turan, ; Featherman and Pavlou, In this section at first we will try to find out fase perceived value, communication efficiency and bKash offers have a role on customer satisfaction level.

All people know that its cost is not higher than traditional banking. Group Members ID Descriptive statistics and Reliability coefficient of perceived value, communication efficiency, bKash offers and customer satisfaction: In another extreme case, the service costs of bKash are cwse to be perfectly correlated with customer satisfaction.

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It was found that although bKash has bright prospects, it involves some constraints as well. By Nushrat Shahab Bristi.

bkash case study

This app is a simple, easy-to-use and highly secure mobile money app for sending cash quickly to people, recharging mobile balance, paying at your favorite stores and shops, making utility and other bill payments from home, and so much more. So, mobile banking system has been developed to bring poor people into banking system.

Without your help, this report would have been impossible to complete prepare xtudy report we have collected what we believe to be most relevant information to make our report as analytical and reliable as possible. Extending the above framework to include both bKash and other mobile financial services provider, we may expect bKash and other mobile financial services provider as substitutes.


We would like to thank our course instructor, Raisul Islam, Department of Marketing, Syudy University from the core of our heart for his kind support, guidance, constructive, supervision, instructions and advice and for motivating and inspiring us to do this paper.

UIUX case study: Mobile banking app redesign concept

If the consumer is well aware about the product or services or other marketing mix they will not be misled by producers, it explains if what they buy is worth to their money and not harmful to them and to environment. So this was our motive. Sutdy satisfaction is defined as a concept where actual performance is compared with perceived performance. The respondents were asked the project with the help of observation and survey. Nushrat Shahab Bristi Trust decreases potential hazards and deceptions occur by the opportunistic behavior of the other business party Pavlou, and offer other benefits such as trustworthy banking services from the authentic banks Gefen et al.

bkash case study

A positive aspect of bKash is that it networks can reach remote areas at low cost. Defining problems Analyzing the tons of feedback, our team discovered some problems that were often asked by the bKash users. Published materials like different journals, Different documents and daily xase are the sources of secondary data.

During the interviews we sought general information from the students, day laborers, garments workers about mobile banking and asked them to discuss the reasons for using bKash. This era is an era of technology revolution.