Upload document Create flashcards. Responses to questions Students will be evaluated on their ability to answer questions posed by the audience. Clarity of the title of the dissertation, and to what extent the title reflects the contents 2. The dissertation supervisor will be a member of staff who has agreed to supervise the project and has relevant expertise. Journal of Astrology

Any work submitted will be matched against numerous online sources, web pages and other student papers and the Originality Report will indicate the percentage of the submitted text that matches with the sources. Strength and logic of argumentation Excellent 5. Examples of references, showing slight differences in style: Firstly, Smith observed, the bee lands on the flower and tucks its wings up, then walks up into the flower head, and rubs its body against the stamens, collecting pollen. Physical submission in person or by post use coursework submission sheet — Appendix 3 and electronic submission through Blackboard Learn. The supervisor must obtain from the student, at the start of the project, a statement outlining the aims of the dissertation, including an outline plan. Literature Review An extensive review, with a relevant amount of historical detail, should include all the seminal work in the field and the importance of the topic within the relevant research field.

brunel university late coursework submission

Note that under this scheme, at least ten contact points throughout the academic year are used to monitor the attendance and engagement of the students.

This is a matter of agreement between an individual lecturer and student.

Will the study require the co-operation of a gatekeeper for initial access to the groups or individuals to be recruited? Successful submissiob of the Standard MSc in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design Credits will require a final project in the form of a detailed business universith for those wishing to pursue environmental entrepreneurshipa product design for those wishing to pursue career in sustainable design innovation or a research proposal for those wishing to pursue a career in bid writing.

brunel university late coursework submission

Examination scripts and completed coursework are kept centrally in IfE, and students may view these and discuss them in tutorial 72 meetings with staff normally the module block leader or personal tutor on request.


Irrespective of the academic assessment of timeliness, the standard late penalty structure defined below will still apply after the academic assessment is completed.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Our provision includes a combination of two day research module blocks, seminars, workshops and online training programmes. To promote and enhance effective, innovative and efficient learning and teaching in relation to the programme sincluding the dissemination of best practice in relation to all aspects of the student experience. Learning and Teaching; Chapter B4: If this does not lead to a satisfactory agreement that the grade is correct then the appeal process may be used.

Discussion This section should attempt to tie together the results and what they indicate in a broader context, including discussion in relation to the literature and implications beyond the immediate confines of your specific project. Where you also include unattributed commentary made by the secondary source on the facts you cite, this may constitute plagiarism. Also make sure that there is no charge associated with accessing the material. Where an award includes a module which has zero credits, the achievement required in that module for the successful completion of any award is set out in the relevant programme specification 9.

Postgraduate research students will be monitored against registration, attendance at supervisory meetings routinely every 6 weeks and end of year progression. However, you can also get help from the sources shown below: The penalty takes the form of a cap, which is applied after assessment of the work.

The discussion will have a clear critical dimension and will end on a sound conclusion. The module block specification for the Dissertation module block can be found in Appendix 2.

Students are also encouraged to attend relevant training sessions offered by the Graduate School. Both must have a clear research question with specific aims and objectives, a carefully considered methodology, with due consideration of any ethical issues that might arise.


Thus the results of your work are the factual subject matter that will be used in the discussion to lead to conclusions related to the aim of the dissertation. The bibliography will be thorough, topical and will draw from a variety of source material.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Grades will not normally be assigned in this manner unless there are result s available in at least one other element of assessment in the same assessment block to guide the Board. This process generates what is known as an Originality Report but this alone will not be advanced as the only grounds for suspecting that a piece of work is plagiarised or, indeed, as conclusive evidence against an accusation of plagiarism.

University calendar showing term dates 83 Appendix 3: The University wishes to make every reasonable effort to assist disabled students.

brunel university late coursework submission

This is known as academic misconduct, and the most common form of misconduct is plagiarism. However, under the Programme Specifications, part-time students are allowed a further full year to complete the dissertation, giving an overall period of 3 years maximum for the completion of the full MSc programme.

Full details of the disciplinary process and the range of penalties can be found in Senate Regulation 6: Strength and logic of argumentation Excellent 5. The coherence of integration of appropriate illustrative materials e. Examples of circumstances which would normally be accepted with evidence: To consider proposals to ensure the maintenance of the standards of the award s and where appropriate make recommendation to the Institute.

However, there may be additional circumstances that affect your performance or prevent you from completing an assessment on time.