By night, 76 children were reported killed in the accident and the district administration handed over the bodies to the parents. Arjun Kapoor on India’s Most Wanted, shooting for Panipat, and why questions on impending wedding bug him. The deceased kids were taken for postmortem to the government hospital. The headmaster, Prabharan and three others turned approvers. Parents paying floral tributues to children who died in the fire tragedy, in Kumbakonam. For you, parents had glorious dream! Abdul Kalam , Prayer for departed children of Kumbakonam , [17].

The locals also helped by breaking the concrete window. The burning thatch and the bamboo poles fell, blocking the exit routes. We had expected punishment for all the 21 accused. Vijayalakshmi, the noon meal organizer and also the teacher of the English Medium school, was held accountable for not performing her duties of taking safety precautions. The report pointed out that the teachers were not trained in disaster management and the prohibited thatch structure was close to the classrooms.

The kitchen did not have gas stoves and fire logs were used for cooking. Retrieved 30 November The Times of India.

Kumbakonam fire tragedy case – The Hindu

Though the accident shook the nation and cases were lodged against officials of the school management and the state government, the case moved from one court to another for years. Oh dear little ones!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mega project is superficial answer to drainage congestion, flood management. The fire officials reported that the building laws were not followed as the school had a thatched kitchen and classroom roof, had no emergency exits and it was a “death trap”.


Sivapunyam was accused of giving false sanitary certificate to the school. Archived from the original on 10 June The district administration arranged a primary school in Natham village and accommodated 46 students under the Educational Guarantee Scheme of the government.

Kumbakonam fire tragedy case

The other officers who were earlier responsible for permitting the nursery school against the rules duringnamely, Shanmughavelu, Sethuramachandran, Chandrasekharan and Dr. Arjun Kapoor on India’s Most Wanted, shooting for Panipat, and why questions on impending wedding bug him. Digital subscription if free with it.

case study of kumbakonam fire accident

The state government deputed a committee under Justice K. In case of a fire in schools which are housed in old British time buildings, drills, sensitising students on fire safety measures or other kumbakona. Retrieved July 31, Abdul KalamPrayer for departed children of Kumbakonam[17].

case study of kumbakonam fire accident

Related Articles Trial begins in school fire case after 8 years. The investigations found out that the school was not inspected by the educational official for three years.

The casualty increased to 90, 89 of whom were identified and handed over to the parents. It also stated that the schools had inadequate exit facilities and had no firefighting capabilities. Saplings with names of children who died in Kumbakonam fire accident at Salem.

Kumbakonam School fire – Wikipedia

And You were all immersed in your own dreams Yet, Agni engulfed you and all those dreams Taking you to Almighty’s divine presence Usually, departed old parents and buried by sons Whereas, Kumbakonam, saw a sad scene! Archived from the original on August 5, The voluminous chargesheet in the case has around 4, pages. A central minister also visited the site on behalf of the Prime Minister of India.


Ten others including school staff and officials from the Kumbakonam municipality and education department of the state were sentenced to five-year imprisonment. The Tamil Nadu government has constructed a memorial park in Kumbakonam in memory of the 94 children who lost their lives. On the day of the tragedy, an inspection was expected over an administration issue.

The fire service was informed at 11 a. Please choose one of the options The court also slapped a fine of Rs 47 lakhs on the school principal and sentenced him to life. School founder, wife and eight others sentenced to jail”. Login Username Password Remember Me.

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