This means that your copyright page will have one year on it the year in which the manuscript was completed and the cover page will have the following year on it the year in which the degree will be conferred. Degree Requirements for Ph. Degree Requirements for the M. If there are any issues, the file will be returned to the student for revisions. Explore your options for financial aid in this comprehensive guide on dissertation advice paying for your master’s degree. We are so proud of our graduates! Uploading the revised dissertation is a simple process.

All prefatory pages are numbered continuously using lower-case Roman numerals i, ii, iii We are so proud of our graduates! The author should follow the leading manuals in his or her field regarding style unless it conflicts with the requirements set out in these instructions. Charts, graphs, and illustrations may be placed horizontally in order to conform to the margin requirements as long as they remain clear and legible—when this occurs, however, the page number must still appear “right-side up,” matching the rest of the page numbers in the manuscript. Preface if applicable Main body and all other pages 1. Any quotations, references and phrases in foreign languages should follow departmental or disciplinary style.

The Financial Aid Office implements school policies relating to graduate financial aid.

The abstract page s should immediately follow the copyright page. The copyright page should immediately follow clumbia title page. Dissertation office columbia gsas Phd thesis evaluation form D. The copyright page should not have a page number, and is not counted toward the page count of your prefatory pages. Dissertation office columbia gsas th Street, MCNew York, NY dissertation thesis introduction econ-info columbia.

In some of the best history departments in the US and UK, colubia a private Ivy League research university in Upper Manhattanall students must file an Application for Degree child abuse dissertation or Certificate.


Formatting Guidelines

Spacing The text, abstract, dedication, acknowledgments, and table of contents are double-spaced. While your dissertation will be as a rule made available openly through Gssa Commons, Columbia’s institutional repository, you may also wish to apply a Creative Commons license to your dissertation rather than a traditional copyright. Use italics for the titles of other works or for the scientific name of an organism.

columbia gsas dissertation office

These page numbers should be centered at the bottom of each page, however, if you have formatted your dissertation according to the previous guidelines, placing the Arabic numerals at the top right corner of each page, we will still accept your dissertation deposit. For more information on how this works, please consult this page.

columbia gsas dissertation office

The three broad sections cover pages, prefatory pages, and the main body and other pages each have a different convention for page numbering; please see the more specific notes below the table. All dissertations should be structured according to the table below.

columbia gsas dissertation office

All other pages, including the main body of the dissertation, references, bibliographies and appendices, are numbered continuously using Arabic numerals 1, 2, Main body of the dissertation including all introduction and chapter pages, graphs, photos, figures, and tables.

Skip to main content. Lower case Roman numerals beginning with “i” centered at the bottom of each page. This allows for any formatting issues to be identified fsas corrected.

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Degree Requirements for the M. If a part of the dissertation is a reproduction that has already been paginated in another source e. The dissertation office columbia gsas experience of dissertation office columbia gsas teaching as a graduate student is a coulmbia element of doctoral education, and one of the most significant and vital order a paper essay masters parts of your professional.


Spell out abbreviations, and use word substitutions for formulae, symbols, Greek characters, etc. Script or ornamental fonts should not be used. The year on the copyright page should be the calendar year in which the manuscript was completed, and in certain cases this may differ from the year on your cover page.

We do not accept dissertation files via email. If you are aiming to deposit in time for a particular deadline, please upload the document several days in advance. Ggsas year on the title page must be the calendar year in which the degree is conferred.

At the top of the page should be the following header, substituting your own name and the title of your dissertation:. Every dissertation that is uploaded to the digital deposit system is reviewed by the Dissertation Office for formatting.

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Important information on the dissertation is to be found at the Dissertation Office Columbia University Home; Graduate School of columbia university gsas dissertation office Arts. Required order and page numbering All dissertations should gdas structured according to the table below.

Required Order Page Numbering Cover pages and abstract 1. Musical scores must have at least one inch margins on each side. Preface if applicable Main body and all other pages 1.