Students will complete a scholarly DNP project that reflects the synthesis and application of knowledge gained throughout the curriculum. Many nurse anesthesia programs are currently in transition into doctoral degree programs in nurse anesthesia. Furthermore, I plan on teaching students nationwide about advanced pain management techniques. It was there that I was able to start building a network of fellow students, mentors, and professionals from the nursing industry to build upon both my education and experience as well as branch out into other areas of opportunity such as speaking engagements on a variety of topics related to obtaining a nursing degree, the anesthesia field, and DNP. Would you want to present your findings from your capstone project at a state and national nurse anesthesia association meeting? I haven’t thought about it in a while. For that question, think about an area of nursing that you feel passionately about.

Barriers to vaccination as well as factors that would help facilitate vaccination were identified using a pre-intervention questionnaire survey. Gould, helped me every step of the way to navigate through the process as a student nurse anesthetist at Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. Any research that may contribute to improvements in the patient care provided by nurse anesthetists should be shared. Interventions were planned based on the findings of the pre-intervention questionnaire survey. What type of support is provided for a nurse anesthesia student enrolled in the DNP program at the University of Minnesota?

A quality improvement project was initiated to avoid delays in care for patients with hand trauma Step 2.

And, why is it important to get a DNP? Once I graduated from nursing school, I was drawn to the ICU because of the vigilance and critical thinking skills that were required to take care of the patients.

DNP Projects (Anesthesia)

So many are called, but only a few are chosen! The steps required to complete a DNP project will also vary somewhat from one program to the next. At first I decided to major in biology pre-medicine because it was something that I was familiar with. Also, I am the student representative for the Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists and would like to prepare a formal presentation at the fall or spring meeting.


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I worked full-time during my DNP education. Another area I have lot of interest in is the elderly. Any research that prroject contribute to improvements in the patient care provided by nurse anesthetists should be shared.

That included obtaining my DNP and I have never regretted it.

Using your prroject of clinical expertise as a springboard, develop your project using an evidence-based process:. I fell in love with nursing while in grade school after having surgery. What is the DNP degree?

crna capstone project

As my mentor, you were also a big part of my support system, intellectually and emotionally. Maybe it has to do with something you wish were different or wish you could change. The Post-MS DNP can be earned in projfct academic year 3 semesters as a full-time student, or in two academic years 6 semesters as a part-time student.

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You don’t need to be specific. After intensive exploration and understanding of the noble nurse anesthesia profession, I had decided to pursue my master in nurse anesthesia at St. How does a student find a research focus on their capstone capztone The U of M is now a doctorate program which I hear is definitely a good thing: For that question, think about an area of nursing that you feel passionately about.

It will also allow nursing the opportunity to be in a more decision-making position and have to more control over our profession. Would you suggest nurses search online well in advance before applying to a nurse anesthesia program and for mentoring opportunities?


crna capstone project

I believe that the future is bright for crns practice nurses. This piqued my interest and was the motivation for my capstone project. The effectiveness of the interventions was assessed through a post-intervention survey.

crna capstone project

Factors associated with a lack of adherence to treatment guidelines were identified. How to Develop a DNP Project Using an Evidence-Based Approach Your DNP project will reflect your critical thinking skills and your ability to translate research into practice through problem identification, proposal development, implementation, and evaluation. For example, I live on a farm and I love living in a rural. In a nutshell, the Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP degree utilizes system redesign and evidence-based decision-making to implement their program, which effectively prepares advanced practice leaders to affect change in the health care industry, whether it be influencing health policies, social change and procedures, and more.

Committee members critique the project, identify any changes or additional work to be done, and determine the outcome of the DNP project defense. I explained that maybe we need to implement more precautions and protocols in our older population where complications are more prevalent in hopes this would improve care in this patient population.

These proposed changes will determine what doctorate degree will be awarded upon successful completion of a nurse anesthesia program. This is obviously a litmus for doctoral candidates, so if this surprises you or you feel overwhelmed by this kind of task, you might want to reconsider this application. Did you have any speaking engagements on your capstone topic at state and national nurse anesthesia association meetings?