Both tasks permit students to reflect on teaching, express their ideas and develop technological and critical thinking skills while creating and evaluating their own contents. In both editions each student made two oral presentations. Tankeleviciene 1 , A. The concept of flip classrooms. These marks were updated after each session. On Nervousness , , , , the other hand, negative emotions decreased, also significantly, from a mean of 1. WWTPs have become the key element for solving many water quality issues in the past two decades.

The cloud has servitized the IT industry by enabling the scalable delivery of IT services both hardware and software-related remotely through the medium of the Internet. Conclusions — Although our results indicate that is feasible to conduct FDP mentoring online, tutors and students need to develop online competences in order to adequate FDP mentoring to online environments. Introduction — Molecular phylogenetics is an essential tool in modern biological studies. Then, the neighbor- joining method is used to reconstruct a tree from distances to represent evolutionary associations. Curriculum vitae europass download italiano.

Ramos 1X. The most innovative part is that every single subject in every academic year is obligatorily involved in working towards this interdisciplinary project and therefore, students can clearly understand the application of their acquired knowledge.

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Curricukum from the peer study, student needs to be evaluated according to his knowledge obtained on the subject. They are asked to write their reflection logs after the course every week. It can be applied for different pedagogical purposes and in various learning process stages [1, 2]. This study adopts Text mining approach to analyze the reflection logs of college students for detecting the progress of positive thinking changing.

The in-class stage changed the traditional teacher-centred learning methodology by a set of student-centred learning activities [] such as on-line questionnaires, intervention in on-line social events, participation in gamification activities and the resolution of video-questionnaires.


Rota 7M. Nowadays, social network analytics is playing an important role in online platforms [3].

The problem of corruption in education 2. The concept of flip classrooms.

The teachers, with work experience in higher school up to 3 years, state the need of introducing new learning technologies into teaching practice. This model joins the formal, academic and the creative, artistic frames, giving birth to a different and innovative methodology that improves the academic outcomes in addition to being a reliable educational and social transformation tool.

Perceptions of Nursery Students. Murillo-Zamorano 1J.

The main goal of this programme is to reduce the educational inequalities by means of creative methodologies based on implementing various artistic disciplines inside the classroom, e. Hermoso 4A.

Curriculum vitae europass download italiano

Guerra 1L. Higher Education Management and Policy, 19 1, p. The ability to deal with knowledge, be able to seek information autonomously, solve problems and present solutions, are more important than just accumulating knowledge, more or less detached and apparently disconnected from curriculu, world. Entrepreneurship and vocational education.

curriculum vitae normalizado upm

Perry, Educational psychologist, 37 2p. It is also a valid strategy for the creation of an integrated artistic pedagogy aimed at creative and complete human development of students.

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It is for this reason that we advocate the establishment of a profile which is based on five key areas: It also develops capacities, abilities and skills that contribute to the educational system, preparing students to be attentive interventional citizens, who can play a proactive role in the communities they are integrated in.


European Educational Research Journal, 4 3p. Sludge assessment workflow begins with a macroscopic settlement test of a fresh sludge sample from the plant, and is followed by a simple light microscopic observation procedure to obtain 20 digital micrographs.

Gamification for learning management system through microsoft sharepoint. Avakova 3 Russia,Sainct-Petersburg, Babushkina str. The results extracted from the application of the landscape observation card in pre-school children allows us normapizado state that the PBL’s conjugation with landscape exploration develops the ability to seek information, question reality, search for solutions and reach satisfactory conclusions.

Results and Discussion — Eleven students of Nursery Degree and two tutors agreed to take part in the study, 10 of the students vvitae successfully their FPD. In the modern society of students, the question of the need for physical education in the curriculum is often raised. These deeper insights will be supporting those obtained in subjects such as Acoustic Isolation and Conditioning, given in the fourth year, as well as in other related subjects of the degree.

Introduction — In the field of artistic education, graphic normakizado – a type of musical score that employs visual language elements outside the conventional notation system – presents a union point between the artistic and musical teachings, making a contribution for the creation of an integrated pedagogy of the arts. They concluded the project by making it public: