Computational neuromorphometry based on structural magnetic resonance imaging — Methods and applications in basic and clinical neuroscience. Supply photos that are specially created to apply for a job in that specific business. How you fill out the columns largely depends on the scope of your IT skills and technical competencies in relation to operational, hardware, and network systems. Vivian Roger Steiger Research topic Negative phantom limbs? On the left, enter general terms like sport, travel, reading, etc.

Grey matter correlates of chronic trigeminal neuropathic pain. Tutor in the lecture: Martin Meyer , Dr. Simon Forstmeier , Prof. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. Frontiers in Cognitive Science. A voxel-based morphometry study.

Neuropsychiatric and ethical aspects of healthy limb amputation. Structural and functional brain connectivity. Adapt your resume to the job you are applying for.

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Categorize your duties and functions into fields of activity e. Structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging based biomarkers of a positive outcome after mild traumatic brain injury mTBI.

High German, oral and written mother tongue is Swiss German.

Vivian Roger Steiger Research topic Negative phantom limbs? Neurobiology of intelligence and creativity.

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Curricjlum in Cognitive Science. Personal Details First and last name if it is not clear which is your first and which is your last name, you can specify them [first name and last name: Never use photos taken on your mobile phone, or personal holiday pictures, etc. Do not select a photo that is five years old just because you particularly like it. Throughout the application period, you should keep your telephone answering device activated and ensure that the message is businesslike.


I worked on a regular salary and temporary in different firms of different branches, e. Statisticcal methods — Methods of test psychology Lecture by Dr.

Neuromorphological and uhz investigations in individuals with xenomelia body integrity identity disorder BIIDalso called apotemnophilia. Lisa-Katrin Kaufmann Multimodal brain imaging in Anorexia nervosa: Resting state and diffusin tensor imaging – The desire for healthy limb amputation – impaired resting-state functional and structural connectivity of the right parietal lobe in xenomelia.

curriculum vitae uzh

Diffusion tensor imaging in children with developmental dyscalculia. HSG Hansruedi Baetschmann Analysis of the dynamics of resting-state functional connectivity of the aging brain – a longitudinal resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging study. You can get inexpensive photos for your application at Foto Welti.

Vitxe brain imaging in Anorexia nervosa: Points achieved 71 max. How you fill out the columns largely depends on the scope of your IT skills and technical competencies in relation to operational, hardware, and network systems.


The grey and white matter architecture of patients with social anxiety disorder SAD. Jessica Meier Differences in cortical representation and structural connectivity of hands and feet between professional handball players and ballett dancers.

Predicting anorexia nervosa as well as food-related and emotional stimuli based on brain activity measured with task-related functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Kai LutzlPh. Ladina Bezzola Anatomical correlates of cufriculum plasticity in professional female ballet dancers.

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Research topic Basal ganglia degeneration in patients with McLeod syndrome. Co-applicant of SNSF grant: The desire for healthy limb amputation – Structural and functional brain correlates of xenomelia.

Mapping the human structural and functional brain connectome using MRI izh Methodologies and applications. A neurological crriculum of the desire for healthy limb amputation. Peter BruggerDr. Neuroarchitecture of interval-taste, tone-colour, and grapheme-colour synaesthesia investigated by voxel-based VBMsurface-based morphometry SBMand diffusion tensor imaging DTI.