Remember me on this computer. Although genealogy is presented by these societies as the explanation for current inter- and intra-tribal relationships, it is often the other way round — when the nature of the relationships between competing groups changes, the genealogy changes accordingly. Additionally, the investigation is useful as it allows us to trial some of our methodological tools on a relatively simple type of relationship before moving on to more complicated types of marriage. Wahb Harim b. In these circumstances, the survivors of a depleted group would join another tribe, and their genealogy would be grafted accordingly.

The success of the quantitative analysis of the rise of the concubine provides us with proof that the methodological programme outlined in Part One of this thesis is workable. This institution is clearly very different from the comparable one as understood by Muslims. Preview this item Preview this item. The quantitative approaches familiar to prosopographers can overcome this problem as they mitigate the effects of small numbers of erroneous accounts. We have already seen that he includes far more maternal information than the other two authors of similar works and this is not because the mothers in question are of any great significance; normally they are not. On these occasions, I am almost tempted to exclaim with the listening maid in La Fontaine, “Je voudrois bien avoir ce qui manque.

dissertation les abbassides

This in itself dossertation a challenge; arguments in favour of the accuracy of the nasab tradition are not particularly strong while the counter-arguments in both the primary and secondary sources are vigorous and lees many cases compelling. Like the work in this thesis, his research approach was shaped by the sources.

While the genealogical marriage data are extensive and arguably very accurate in general terms, it does not mean that we can be sure that any individual record is true.

Answering this question is the subject of this chapter and the two that follow.

The structure of this research is shaped entirely by the nature of the sources. It is for these reasons that methodology and related issues account for almost half the word count of this thesis. The E-mail Address es field is dkssertation.


Dissertation les abbassides.

University of Pennsylvania Press, and discussion in Chapter Five below. If we assume that these dixsertation children are all female, we would get a total of 29 girls in a cohort of children, which gives us a proportion of Tauris, but Cornell believes it has older precedence.

The first is the ongoing question of reliability.

The first is that many scholars of pre-modern Islamic history are unfamiliar with quantitative or prosopographical approaches. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. From the Isle of Sicily, the reader must transport himself beyond the Caspian Sea, to the les seat of the Turks or Turkmans, against whom the first crusade was principally directed. This is detailed in the following table: There was clearly something about concubinage that ensured it emerged and lasted.

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The comparison between memory types does not automatically mean that the nasab literature is true just because it can be preserved as semantic memory; the nasab works extend far further than five generations into the past and the authors must have relied on chains of informants rather than personal memories. Not all sections of the Nasab Quraysh are as straightforward as the one 57 It also means we have to think in terms of groups rather than individuals, which should be welcomed as it is closer to the way the early Muslims understood themselves.

In the early stages, their involvement in the conquests would have brought in slave women directly as war booty or provided them with the wealth required to purchase slave women at market. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Intuari les jam videor les bar barorum acies Abbassides si regem non dubiae virtutis elegerint, nec a Saracenis Christiani dissentiant, poterit rex creatus dissertation licet quasi problem solving involving for 2 et perditis subvenire, et incursus hostium, si prudenter egerit, propulsare.


Darwin Press, SUNY Press, unless otherwise stated in this case they are from volume 4, page These would have looked more like books than the notes used to support the oral performance of genealogy that the Arabs had previously relied on for the preservation of genealogical memory. The vast majority of these unions appear in passages like the following, which details the descendants of a distant relative of the Zubayrids.


The graphs and tables above show that the Quraysh as a whole took up concubinage as soon as they were able to; there is no evidence of widespread reticence towards the practice here. Issues regarding the quality and reliability of the marital records as lse in the nasab tr: Maternal status of children of Umayyad caliphs and sons by generation In these cases a note has been made and the information excluded from the record.

The E-mail message field is required. Our first task is to make a list of all the avbassides of Zubayr b. Genealogy of and marriage. Alternatively, the revised version was inserted into the manuscript prior to transmission and the student simply copied the whole work. This means that where we find divergences abbassided the prosopography and the traditional narratives we must explain them convincingly.

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dissertation les abbassides

See the end of the first book of the Life of Alexius, in Nicetas, p. How representative is the Nasab Quraysh of the marriage relations of the Quraysh as recorded in the wider literature?