She won gold medals for the individual all-around , the balance beam and uneven bars. If Bela hadn’t defected, I would still have been watched, but his defection brought a spotlight on my life, and it was blinding. Nadia Comaneci born is one of the most-celebrated gymnasts in the history of the sport. She claimed the all-around titles for balance beam and uneven bars; she also earned a bronze medal for floor exercise. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Flo Hyman Memorial Award

These judges are harsh, no matter how injured she is, they will treat her the same as everyone else. Instead it was displayed as 1. The times after the Olympic Games were tough for Comaneci. Her mother had previously visited her in the United States. New York Daily News. Leave a comment Comments 0.

Nadia Comaneci: ‘I didn’t think winning the Olympics would be such a big deal’

United Press International Athlete of the Year The spectators were confused at first by the way the score was displayed, however once they realized what it represented they were amazed by the achievement. Recently in her accomplishment was recorded as an official world record.

The team followed orders amid controversy and walked out of the competition during the event finals.

They said that with the chalk she would have to put on her hands and how much pressure she would put on her arm, that it would give her even worse blood poisoning and maybe even damage the ligaments in her wrist and hand. This major sports accomplishment is something that is still highlighted and referenced by gymnastics enthusiasts today and is regarded as an outstanding athletic achievement period.


essay about nadia comaneci

Gymnasts are scored on technical elements, as well as artistic components and execution. Babe Didrikson Zaharias Her pace magnifies her balance.

Nadia’s Perfect 10 Essay | neshabow21

The academy had 37 coaches and 1, students. Retrieved January 11, Nadia received a 9. There were six other Romanians who planned to trust him with their lives.

The following night she continued her streak, earning perfect abuot for her performances on the uneven bars and balance beam. Retrieved August 21, It was also insulting that a normal abkut in Romania had the chance to travel, whereas I could not I never heard from him again, but I hope he is well and thank him for his help. The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. He obliged with comxneci peck on the cheek. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. For the next few years, she competed as a junior in numerous national contests in Romania and dual meets with countries such as HungaryItalyand Poland.

Officials feared that essaj would also defect, and her actions were strictly monitored; she was no longer allowed to travel outside of Romania.


Even then she secured two gold medals in beam and floor exercises.

essay about nadia comaneci

Back home in Romania, life was becoming difficult for Comaneci. Inshe began competing as a member of her hometown team and became the youngest gymnast ever to win the Romanian Nationals. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

As this quote says, she has pushed so many people to try to do the impossible and push them to their full potential.


Copyright The Columbia University Press. Against doctors’ orders, she left the hospital and competed on the beam, where she scored a 9. During the Summer Olympics in Athensone of her perfect Montreal uneven bars routines was featured in naeia commercial for Adidas.

With five other Romanians, she made a dangerous six-hour walk through the cold of winter to the Hungarian border, where they were stopped by Hungarian police who immediately recognized Comaneci. She continued to win competitions and in January ofbecame eligible for senior level international competitions.

Her mother had previously visited her in the United States.

essay about nadia comaneci

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