Not only does the educator need to determine these goals, but also to articulate these goals for the students in order to effect a shift in the mindset of the students so that they will assume greater responsibility for their own learning. Is this what’s left for us? For the first time after reading your post, I actually feel a little deprived of an education that could have had so many possibiliities as a child. Whither psychoanalysis in computer culture. As more and more students access online sites like Khan Academy, it becomes increasingly important for them to understand the concept of Digital Citizenship.

Retrieved November 12, , from http: Preservice teachers and blogs: However, if students forgot to reference the work and incorporated it into their own, it was difficult to determine if they intentionally cheated or not. Qualification – These courses are a platform for tremendous knowledge-building, but most of them do not actually qualify as being “recognized” courses for employment or for credible institutions. You have chosen the field of educational technology for professional pursuits.

Scholarly Essay ETEC – UBC Blogs

It must scholatly be highlighted that virtually none of this content is being created as a result of users being required to post and share. I find, like Ausebel, that it is inefficient, and unfair. Learner interface interaction in distance education: Retrieved November 12,from http: Translations are taken literally and often have no familiar cultural context.

etec 511 scholarly essay

Rocci Luppicini discuss how ET is linked to the maturation of the audio-visual movement in education and instructional training 5111 beginning in the First World War and that defining ET over the last four decades has been difficult to do. I argued for a socially constructed definition of academic dishonesty and that technology enables, but does not cause, dishonest practices.


Scholarly Essay ETEC 511 – UBC Blogs

Are we providing enough scaffolding to our students to provide them with the support and guidance they need throughout the blogging process? Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. Feng and Petrina suggest that “spirituality and technology are co-emergent and mutually-interdependent. He concludes the first talk: Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr are what are known as microblogs, sites where users create etfc share small amounts of content, typically, although not strictly, in a social context.

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Researchers were clear and united about the reasons for lack of integration. My paper was not simply about academic dishonesty. Embodied knowing in online environments. Sign me up to Erin’s eP! We see this in educational settings everyday.

Importance of Experience This was a challenging task from the outset. School Science and Mathematics, 5 A social constructivist interpretation.

etec 511 scholarly essay

Factors affecting technology uses in schools: As I realized that this was possible, then I became more self-confident, and the ideas began to flow. I am beginning to think more and more that it is the technology controlling the educator Qualification – These courses are a platform for tremendous knowledge-building, but most of them do etdc actually qualify as being “recognized” courses for employment or for credible institutions.


It suggests that technology is used to facilitate learning, and an emphasis should be placed more on process and a way of thinking, sharing and connecting. I see now how my paper attempted to interconnect sociological foundations with anthropological foundations of educational technology.

Explorations in Media Ecology, 7 4— Factors to consider essayy plentiful, as one may judge from the following, non-exhaustive list: Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 3 4 Literature to be consulted: What an innovative idea to deliver content through video to millions of people around the world.

On one hand, having a ping-pong challenger who will strengthen my own ping-pong playing skills is amazing. Educator will inevitably make mistakes, but they will also learn lessons as they encourage student blogging.

Scholarpy also fall short on the potential for collaboration, and the chance for students to receive immediate feedback from peers and members of the public.

This time in history when PowerPoint took over classrooms was much similar to the overhead projector days when the teacher slowly uncovered her words simply transferring knowledge. Do we collectively agree that they are good?