How many ways to select one or more out of given Items? Pay more attention to Mental ability section. How will you extract information about naxalites in an area? Get notified whenever I post new article! The question asked from me is..

Essay can be on variety of topics, so ideally you need to keep reading newspapers, magazines, and some good books from library on regular basis. Who knows last question will be easy and scoring. I answered all the questions satisfactorily. Jeevan is painting the Window frames on the north side and Sudhir is on the south. Ranga ECE just finished my interview at chennai. Laxmikanth Hindi English Spectrum: These forms may please be filled in for all the columns correctly and completely and in case the space provided in any of the column is not sufficient for furnishing the information sought, the candidate can utilize an extra sheet.

Can be solved without formula.

ACIO Essay Topics

Meaning of your First name and Surname. The feedback you provide will help expefted show you more relevant content in the future. Coming straight away to Part II of the paper, the total marks of this section is I think they were reserved about candidates taking other exams but still if I had said NO they would know i was lying. Permutation combination probability PCP In scio lates, this used to be the hot-favorite topic for govt.


Ib Acio Essay Topics

Then practice sums from your quant-book. How will you extract information about naxalites in an area? Interview in different upper floors.

expected essay topics for ib acio exam 2013

Do not hurry while you write Essay, Write it neat and clean. Hard working person will always meet Success sooner or later. Modern History Hindi English Maths: They dont allowed any one to enter into the campus before time where 4 boards 3 membersin each are conducting interviews All board members are IPS officers age 50 At 8. I Wish all the very best for the candidates attending gor interview.

I have told you that I dont know hindi but i didnt say i dont like. You already served country in some manner, then why IB again?

He turns in the clockwise direction and then another in the same direction and then in the anticlockwise direction. Choose the questions smartly, difficult questions are meant to skip only. Where did you graduate?

expected essay topics for ib acio exam 2013

In most exams it is 1: For those who are going to face interview at Bapu Dham, Delhi. It may be made clear that no request for change of date and place would be entertained.


He asked me if he was pronouncing my name correctly, smiled. Me-I told the Safai mahotsav-Refugee incident ,how ppl dying in Muzzafarnagar camps. I was the first candidate xcio lunch. Harish Mechnical Engineer my interview was on 18th janhyderabad i am a mechanical engineer so the first question: English Essay worth 50 marks Total time limit: My interview was on 13th Jan, Hyderabad.

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Play smartly don;t waste time on one question. For some people it was for 5 mins and for some it went upto 20 mins.

If you know of some topics, please share it in the comments with us. Sahil Kapoor I am sahil kapoor and i have done b. Education Masters in Political Science. What to prepare for interview? Your email address will not be published.