If in doubt, you should discuss with your supervisor which papers you need to deal with. Timeliness An Introduction needs to consider the latest available papers. During the doctoral phase, there is the option of research collaboration with other research institutions. Master’s examinations one written, two oral exams at the end of the first year; evaluation of Master’s thesis by two referees Doctoral phase: Accommodation for 5, students and excellent canteens run by the student services organisation “Studentenwerk” allow for a high quality of life at a low cost.

Many international students live in student residence halls that have single or shared apartments with individual rooms. A number of student jobs are also available at the university. Keep me logged in. Meals and drinks are also available at reduced prices at all university canteens. Criteria for the award were an innovative concept, a high degree of internationalisation, scientific excellence in teaching, measures of quality assurance, services and counselling and the alumni record. In preparing for the Discussion, I recommend collecting ideas and arguments in an unstructured manner while you are working on the other parts of the thesis.

Numerous scientists and scholars from the non-university research institutes lecture at the university, and joint professorial appointments create bridges between the university and campus partners. The local economy includes many innovative technology enterprises in the sectors of measurement and control subission, biotechnology, optics, medical technology, and information technology. At all levels the research deals with the dynamical integration of spatially separated subsystems into functionally coherent processing architectures.

Page 81 of Start Prev 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 Next End. MA Human- und Molekularbiologie. If data from multiple experiments are used for a single figure, or if extensive calculations of the original data are involved, I strongly recommend to keep a folder in which copies of all original subbmission with reference to the corresponding page in your lab protocol are kept, and in which each step of the calculations is recorded so that the figure can be traced to the original data by an outsider.


Enrolment fees Enrolment fees are approx. Submisslon Eliud Aguilar Barrera.

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Check out Richmond Park FC here. Figures and other display items Before you start to write even an outline, you should have the figures, tables and other display items either finished or at submissionn drafted.

Please, do not send gynb application documents to GGNB! Many of them offer internships and student jobs. When you write your thesis, I strongly recommend referring to this text for guidance. Application Applications are welcome at any time from internal and external candidates holding a Master degree in biosciences.

ggnb thesis submission

In physics-oriented theses, it is particularly important to explain concepts which are essential for a proper understanding and appreciation of the questions addressed, the techniques applied, as well as of the results obtained. Accommodation for 5, thedis and excellent canteens run by the student services organisation “Studentenwerk” allow for a high quality of life at a low cost.

ggnb thesis submission

During the period of study, employment as a teaching or research assistant at the university or its non-university partners is possible. Additionally, a growing number of double degree programmes with important international universities are available.

Proven higher education in English or a reasonably long stay in an English speaking country may also be accepted. Although we want to play well and progress in the tournament and to be acknowledged for our sportsmanship, the main goal is to give the team an experience they’ll never forget and meet football friends from around the world. Thank you so much! Subsequently, students carry out three independent research projects lab rotations of eight weeks each in participating laboratories, including research labs of local business partners.


Possibility of finding part-time employment The university supports students in finding part-time jobs in local industries and businesses. Become a partner Partners.

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With easy access to searchable literature databases there is no excuse anymore for overlooking a paper important to your work. Here, explanations sumission terms of physics should be preferred over formalistic-mathematical language wherever possible.

Skip to main content. Extracurricular activities excursions, cultural events, sports, theatre are offered throughout the programme.

The possibility to “play” with a soccer ball is present and there are loads of other activities and games. Actually, this is not a difficult matter. In preparing for the Discussion, I recommend collecting ideas and arguments in an unstructured manner while you are working on the other parts of the thesis.

For questions regarding scientific contents, please contact Prof. Academic requirements Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the life sciences, chemistry, medicine, or related fields Applications are welcome even if the required degree has not been awarded by the time of application, as long as it will be conferred before courses start in October.

Trips to various tourist destinations in Germany are offered throughout the year. Message was successfully sent. Lab rotations are supervised individually.

ggnb thesis submission