Racial tensions were exposed and intensified, as many of the victims were black African Americans. Hurricane Sandy, a tropical storm occurring in October , started life off the coast of West Africa. New Orleans has always been vulnerable to flooding, it sits by Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi river for a start. Race and class were also stipulated as issues, with Kanye West claiming that there was a racial reason for the slow response, given that most of the stranded people were African American. The most significant number of deaths occurred in New Orleans , Louisiana , which flooded as the levee system catastrophically failed, in many cases hours after the storm had moved inland.

This tropical storm set the country back further in terms of its development. However, only one-fifth of the trailers requested in Orleans Parish were supplied, resulting in an enormous housing shortage in the city of New Orleans. Many people have moved to live in other parts of the USA and many may never return to their original homes. The United States also had a military on-scene response on Sunday, August Impact on humans 1, deaths in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. More than 70 per cent of crops, including bananas and maize, were destroyed in the south of Haiti. Agricultural production was damaged by tornadoes and flooding.

A significant part of the USA oil refining capacity was disrupted after the storm due to flooded refineries and broken pipelines, and several oil rigs in the Gulf were damaged. Residual waters contained a mix of raw sewage, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals and oil which sparked fears in the scientific community of massive number of fish dying.

Entered Gulf Coast, New Orleans. Finally, the levees, both earthen and flood walls, were only ever designed to cope with a category 3 storm, not enough to cope with the strength of the storm surge of Katrina, a category 5 storm. In the longer term, many people could be affected psychologically by the loss of family and friends. However, these were unable to cope with the storm surge and water flooded the city.


Hurricane Sandy aid workers unload supplies.

hurricane katrina case study medc

New Orleans is also sinking! Additionally, some insurance companies have stopped insuring homeowners in the area because of the high costs from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, or have raised homeowners’ insurance premiums to cover their risk.

Major highways were hurricanw and some major road bridges were destroyed. The damage from Katrina forced the closure of 16 National Wildlife Refuges. Environmental impactshouses were damaged or destroyed in New Jersey anddamaged or destroyed in New York. The use of emergency centres was also criticised, with the Louisiana Superdome designed to handleyet 30, arrived and the New Orleans Civic Sstudy not designed as an evacuation center, yet 25, arrived deemed by many as inadequate.

This response was welcomed by local Louisiana authorities as their staff were either becoming fatigued, stretched too thin, or even quitting from the job. Hurricane Katrina animated satellite image. The responses to Hurricane Sandy were very varied.

Hurricane Katrina Case Study

Makeshift shanty towns in Haiti were washed away. Approximately 10 metres of beach katrona lost in hurricsne parts of New Jersey, making it narrower exposing the coast to further erosion and impacting wildlife. This site uses cookies. Coggle requires JavaScript to display documents. Cars sit submerged in water on a flooded street in Hoboken, New Jersey.

In the long term, governments will need to develop strategic plans to prepare for tropical storms. Power failure at New York University Langone Medical Centre led to the evacuation of all patients to other hospitals.


hurricane katrina case study medc

Cotton and sugar-cane crops were flattened. Despite many people being evacuated, it was a very slow process. Roads, train lines and other transport infrastructure stkdy unusable due to flooding, resulting in disruptions to travel and trade. Fallen trees and flooded vegetation affected animals’ habitats. In pictures House and car destroyed by the hurricane Flooded New Orleans street Boat on top of a house Strong winds The strongest winds during August were over the coastal areas of Louisiana and Florida.

Hurricane Katrina Case Study (Tropical Storm) – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

Hhrricane tropical storm set the country back further in terms of its development. Kerala flood case study. The government was critised for its response, with many critics claiming it was very slow to respond and that the management lacked coordination.

FEMA provided housing assistance rental assistance, trailers, etc. The use of emergency centers was also criticized; the Louisiana Superdome was designed to handleyet arrived and the New Orleans Civic Center was not designed as an evacuation center but arrived.

The storm caused oil spills from 44 facilities throughout southeastern Louisiana, which resulted in over 7 million gallons of oil being leaked. Katrina redistributed over one million people from the central Gulf coast elsewhere across the United States.

There were direct deaths: