Jacobs , Robert Walter Prosser was especially interested in the role of psychology in improving black elementary and high school education. A small collection of Inez Prosser’s papers has been donated by her family to the Archives of the History of American Psychology. She was killed in a car accident a short time after earning her doctorate. Biography of Inez Beverly ProsserInez Beverly Prosser, born in Yoakum, Texas in , was the oldest daughter in a family of eleven brothers and sisters. Her dissertation, Non-Academic Development of Negro Children in Mixed and Segregated Schools was one of the earliest investigations into the social domain of elementary school children.

Prosser was one of the key figures in the debate on how to best educate Black students. Prosser measured the following questions by giving students surveys on personality and character traits; the first question was what are the social and cultural backgrounds of the children in the two groups? Aug 10, Cailynn Knabenshue. Prosser remained close with her family in Texas. In her dissertation, Prosser argues that racial injustices and feelings of isolation have damaging effects on the psyche of Black children. In , Prosser earned her Ph.

Skip to search form Skip to main content. Throughout her time at Anderson, she taught English and coached for the Interscholastic League, an organization that sponsored events for Black high school students throughout the state.

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At Tillotson, she not only displayed her teaching and leadership skills but truly dedicated herself to the educational and psychological development of Black students. Prosser spent the next few years teaching in black elementary schools and high schools in the Austin area.


inez beverly prosser dissertation

Prosser posed a powerful argument regarding the effects of racial inequality on the mental health of African-American children. Prosser measured the following questions by giving students surveys on personality and character traits; the first question was what are the social and cultural backgrounds of the children in the two groups?

Non-academic development of Negro children in mixed and segregated schools.

Inez Beverly Prosser

Prosser was the first daughter of 11 children. The effects are even more detrimental with the standards of living proosser it applies to socioeconomic status.

She remained at Tillotson for three years, teaching courses in Education and Psychology in addition to being given a number porsser administrative responsibilities. In her application, she noted, “I am interested in that type of research which will lead to better teaching in elementary and high schools”. University of Tennessee Press. Following her marriage to Rufus A. Board of Education U. Second, what are the occupational and activity interests of the two groups?

inez beverly prosser dissertation

The comparative reliability of objective tests in English grammar. Between andProsser published a series of seven articles in the Mississippi Educational Journalthe official journal of the Mississippi Association of Teachers in Colored Schools.

She went on to receive a master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Colorado. Even the rat was white: Kids from integrated schools reported greater social maladjustment, insecurity and dissatisfaction with their teacher and family relationships.

She received recognition as “an excellent teacher and leader. Those who argue that Howard, earning PhD at the University of Minnesota inis the first African-American woman to earn a PhD, hold the view that a psychologist is someone who earned the degree within a psychology department.


Her dissertation sought to answer seven main questions.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

She was around 38 years old. Prosser remained close with her family in Texas. On a trip from Mississippi to Texas, she was killed in a car accident near Shreveport, Louisiana in She returned to Yoakum and taught for a short time at their segregated schools.

Inez Beverly Prosser and the education of African Americans.

A Record of the Darker Races. She spent the majority of this time as a faculty member of Anderson High School where she taught Disseftation and coached a girls team for spelling competitions. The dissertation received approval from her committee in June of MackayElissa Nicole RodkeyA. Her dissertation, completed inexamined personality differences in black children attending either voluntarily segregated or integrated schools and concluded that black children were better served in segregated schools.

Upon receiving her master’s degree, Prosser left Anderson High School in to accept a position as a faculty member at Tillotson College, a Black college in Austin. Education Teacher Appreciation Week: She also noted that segregated schools not only provided job opportunities, but also “a more nurturing environment” for Black teachers as disserttation as students.

The statistical analysis led Prosser to conclude that her battery of tests were beneficial in assessing English grammar.