Adult mortality was observed after 24 h of exposure. Prediction quality was satisfactory but with data dispersion around the models, particularly for large values. They were then kept under observation for up to 14 days after drug administration to find out the mortality rate if any. The antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, and the antiviral properties of Spondias mombin have been reported Ajao et al, ; Verpoorte and Dihal, ; Abo et al, ; Corthout et al, ; Rodrigues and Hasse, Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram.

Flowers of Spondias mombin. Yet, there is a strong demand for comparative reference material, seeking for an improvement in the precision of taxonomic determination, both in palaeoecological and palaeoethnobotanical studies and to help preventing illegal charcoal production. Trees without tortuous branching, short shoots absent; bark more densely and deeply fissured; roots not tuberous; leaves 3—jugate, midvein of leaflet prominent abaxially sometimes prominulous in Spondias radlkoferi and Spondias admirabilis ; tertiary veins not tapered at both ends; endocarp not laterally compressed nor carinate; central Mexico to Paraguay and E Brazil. Santos Felix, Antonio C. Spondias dulcis often referred to as Spondias cytherea in the literature and on herbarium specimens has been in cultivation for so long that its native range in Asia is difficult to determine. Phlaeothripidae is being considered as a potential biological control agent of Brazilian peppertree. Prime movers of tropical seeds.

Because the variation of the antioxidant capacity of S. The fruits are oblong and lenticellate like Spondias testudinisbut larger. Preliminary phytochemical screening of the extract was performed on the extract. The combination of threats, however, may have already caused an extinction debt for S.

XML Treatment for Spondias globosa: Introduction Degenerative disease results from a continuous process based on degenerative cell changes of tissues and organs, which increasingly deteriorate over time. Essential oils extracted from leaves of Aloysia polystachya and A. The phylogeography of common and widespread species helps to elucidate the history of local flora and vegetation.


Centre for Agricultural Publishing and Documentation, Wageningen. It was introduced to Jamaica from the South Pacific in the 18 th Century Popenoeand it is planted in home gardens throughout the humid neotropics. The sepals are free although early aestivation is quincuncial.

Pedro Acevedo showed literaure patience, persistence and precision in his intensive reviews of the manuscript. The administration of S. Nicoya, MayA.

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Phytochemical analysis of Baphia nittida revealed the presence of flavonoids, glycosides, proteins saponins, tannins, carbohydrate and steroidal aglycone. The acetone and aqueous extracts showed potent anti-H. Email required Address never made public.

Labib ligerature, and Abdel Nasser Singab. In Amazonia, the inner bark is ground into a powder and used as a disinfectant for wounds, and the boiled powder is used as an oral disinfectant Nelson, NY. Conclusion The main conclusion of this study is the use of traditional knowledge as interesting tool for rapid phenological diagnosis.

Leaves 1 3—6 7 -jugate up to 10 12 juga in Spondias mombin ; revuew and rachis glabous or sparsely pubescent; lateral leaflets ovate; margin entire Spondias globosaSpondias mombin or teeth when present convex-convex Spondias admirabilis.

Spondiws feeding activity induced the homogenization of the parenchyma, and the neoformation of vascular bundles and trichomes. In Guatemala, the fruit is made into a cider-like drink.

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Though all extract showed moderate antimicrobial activity against the bacterial strains, weak or no activity against fungus. In this work, the in vitro antiparasitic activity and mammalian cytotoxicity of three natural tirucallane triterpenoids, isolated from leaves of Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceaeand nine semi-synthetic derivatives were investigated against Leishmania L.


Coates et al isolated a novel beta-lactamase inhibitor from Spondias mombin.

Anacardiaceae enhances detoxification of hepatic and macromolecular oxidants in acetaminophen-intoxicated rats. The nondifferentiation of a typical nutritive tissue in this case was compared to other non-phylogenetically related arthropod gall systems, and is suggested to result from convergence associated with the piercing feeding apparatus of the literaature gall-inducer. Trunk 24—60 cm diam; outer bark brown, rough, thin, scaly, shed in usually large irregular plates; inner bark red with tan striations.

Additionally, the reactive oxygen litsrature scavenging potential of the two S.

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It was proven that lupeol and phenolic lipids were inhibitors of both fungal growth and mycotoxin production of toxigenic Fusarium species. Poison ivy, Toxicodendron radicans, and poison oaks, T. Madagascar Spondias testudinis J.

literature review on spondias mombin

Other common names include the following: Offiah and Anyanwu have also reported the abortifacient activity of the aqueous extract. The chemical study of Spondias leaf extracts showed the occurrence of quercetin, rutin and ellagic acid, substances with relevant antioxidant and antimicrobial activities.

The multilocus outcrossing estimation t m was spondoas.