Why is China an attractive market? Internationalization from Singapore to China. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Skip to main content. Case Study of Zara — Internationalisation in China. In Ortega founded Zara, starting the production in one of the poorest areas in Spain for that time, Galicia 1. The working title of the research is initially drafted as — Market Entry Strategy:

Internationalization strategy and globalization Zara operates on the global scene through: Zara sells quality, fashionable products at reasonable prices and based on product positioning, Zara is cheaper than its leading rivals as Benetton and Gap. Since Tata is already a very well- known clothing line distributor in India, Zara borrowed its knowledge and expertise to coin a strategy of combining local and global clothing lines, thus regarding cultural specifity as well as offering trendy international clothing for customers with Westerns orientation. The internationalization process of Zara started thirteen years after founding, when Zara entered the foreign market and opened the first store in Portugal. Also, the negative feedback of one brand may have an adverse impact on the goodwill of other brands. Market entry considerations include economics, both macroeconomic factors which include tax, political condition and export tariff and microeconomic factors including local competitors, demand and location of store.

Started only in with Zara Internationaliastion online store and in with Zara online shop17, in the website became available in 27 countries on the 80 where Zara is present with the traditional ejtry chain Tab. In fact, Ortega claims that messages and emotions spread through advertising can have a different influence on each customer, so he prefers to focus on the product and the brand The study confirms that Entry Modes For International Markets: Nonetheless, the clothing brand could consider an online market and establishing a distribution center in the US.

International Marketing-Zara Case Study.

market entry strategy case study of zara internationalisation in china

Zara should take note, however, that market entry decisions depend on the resources and the ability to sustain the competitive edge. Zara strategy of internationalization is supported Remember me on this computer. I need to secure that my intefnationalisation must be demanded.


Transparency of the environmental strategy and reports are provided on the official website of the company where the major responsibility are reported. Whether the strategy proved to stuey beneficial in its initiative to internationalise the operation of the business will be also explored.

The global dimension of the company gave to Inditex the resources to build a strong team for CSR that permit the initiatives and the data monitoring connected to this field.

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Managing Brands in a Changing World. While, the rest of the manufacturing activities including finishing stages are completed through a network of small contractors which specializes in one particular part of the production process or garment type. The report will conclude by drawing from the significant points discussed in each section. By a social responsible point of view, Inditex has also implemented zzra actions point to 40 developing countries with investments for Moreover, Zara introduced a page on facebook dedicated to Customer Care, where the stgategy directly answer to all the complaints and the needs of customers.

market entry strategy case study zara internationalisation in china

Also, the negative feedback of one brand may have an adverse impact on the goodwill of other brands. China acceded into the WTO at the end Miller Center for Retailing Education and Research page A very important aspect regards the conditions of workers that for ECRA is not easy to take under control because of the suppliers in developing countries Zara Internationalisation – slideshare.

Zara employed intermediate modes and entered into joint ventures Germany and India and franchising Kuwait, Andorra, Puerto Rica etc. Marketing strategy Analysing the marketing activity of Zara, it is possible to identify the stores as the first form of advertising and communication for the company while the word of mouth marketing is the primary strategy used in the online environment.

Introduction In the first part the essay analyzes the context in which Zara operates, focusing on how Zara has become one of the main fast-fashion brands in the world.


For what concerns Biodiversity, they are involved in actions as Terra Project to improve forest projects and to create a seed bank in Galicia, and in other actions as Textile Exchange, Better Cotton Initiative and with WWF that are mainly involved in protection and certification of organic raw material such as cotton Zara internationalization strategy Giulia Catena When it comes to market entry, the question now is what are the economic and political barriers that take effect on the strategy?

Zara adopted the first strategy for most European and South American countries which are perceived to have high growth potential and low business risk. Finally, strengths and weaknesses of Zara internationalization strategy are underlined to get a deeper comprehension of the Zara phenomena and to understand future trends and scenarios for the brand.

It is possible to argue that Zara doesn’t invest in partnership with famous designers or celebrities, that would help the company to elevate its image from the fast fashion segment and to reach more attention of the public on the international stage.

The power given by they dimension can affect the suppliers in a strong way also because the CSR system is totally integrated with the buying system, so is not possible, for instance, to choose not suitable suppliers Conclusion Globalization has created new markets but has also resulted in increased competition and new challenges in the market place.

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market entry strategy case study zara internationalisation in china