Pavankumar, Vodnala Damping of machine tool structures with riveted joints. Bonala, Sathyam A study on neural network based system identification with application to heating, ventilating and air conditioning hvac system. Afzal Effect of low cycle fatigue damage on tensile behavior of sensitized stainless steel. Pullagura, Gandhi Effect of hydrogen enrichment on the performance emissions and combustion parameters of a complete biofueled diesel engine. Sahani, Rima Level of service criteria of urban walking environment in indian context using cluster analysis.

Kumar , Sumit Analysis of radiative heat transfer in an absorbing-emitting-scattering medium using fluent. S, Rambabu Modeling and control of a brushless DC motor. Gupta, Suvra Fuzzy logic based soft starting of induction motor with current control. Sahu, Santosh Kumar Development of decision support systems towards supply chain performance appraisement. The cumbersome but too necessary essay project that maybe what sends so many students around australia, and round the world for that matter, trying to find quality essay help online. Kumar, Satyajeet Investigation of fly ash polymer composite.

Behera, Bikash Chandra Development and experimental study of machining parameters in ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning.

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Mohanty, Monika A study on use of waste polyethylene in bituminous paving raurkfla. Kuram, Ramaraju Studies on physico-chemical characteristics and microbial diversity of top-soil collected from proposed coal mining area raukrela Latehar district, Jharkhand. PatelAlok Characterization and classification of some local fly ashes.


Moghekar, Deepak Project Report On Modeling and simulation of gas-liquid interfacial area in three phase fluidized and semi-fluidized bed.

Ahmad, Pervez Determination of optimal distributed generation plant capacity in a micro-grid using fuzzy linear programming. Laxmi, V Removal of malachite green dye from water using orange peel as an adsorbent. Pyasi, A Value added metal extraction from red mud.

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DwivediPiyush and VishalVivek Particle swarm optimization applied to job shop scheduling. Kumar, R V Y Target following camera system based on real-time recognition and tracking. Tewari, Aparna Insilico design and evaluation of hybrid Hsp 90 inhibitors for cancer therapy. What is the fee structure for M.

A New Raurela Geo-Material. Champatiray, Amreeta Experimental study for determination of infiltration rate of soils in field using double ring infiltrometer. This list was generated on Wed May 22 Maheshwari, Shishir Image blending using graph cut method for image mosaicing. Mohapatra, Siddhahast Load Frequency Control in two area power system.

VargheseLeslin Implementation of controller area network for automotive applications. Arka, G N Optimization of the machining parameters for ultrasonic vibration assistedturning of hard material.

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Tech in Thesks Rourkela? Gouda, Laxmi Priya Study on parametric behaviour of single cell box girder under different radius of curvature. Mishra, Swagatika Effect of different bonding agents on sintering behaviour of al2o3-sio2 based mortar.


Sunayana, S Moment capacity ratio at beam — column joint in a regular RC framed building. NayakMinakshi Sheshadri Bicycle level of service in urban Indian context. Xess, Prity Aniva Erosion wear behaviour of bamboo fiber based hybrid composites. Verma, Vishal Kumar Microbial degradation of acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen.

Kumar, Gaurav Design of Frequency synthesizer. Faculties are very well prepared to impart everything they know to the students. Jalli, Sagar Kumar Numerical study to optimize the heat transfer rate of tube in tube type helical coil heat exchanger.

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GuptaRajeev Kumar Life prediction model for creep-fatigue interaction of P92 advanced grade martensitic steel. Pradhan, Saswat Kumar Liquid fuel from oil seeds by pyrolysis.

Mallik, Sudhansu Underwater Image Enhancement. Singh, V K Adsorptive removal of safranin dye using low cost adsorbent. It can be 12—1 or 1—2.

nit raurkela mtech thesis

Balaji, Banoth Rotation and scale invariant texture classification using log polar wavelet energy signatures.