Place to live in Stockholm. Many people see the fact that you met and fell in love as something of a fairytale. Appropriately for a bride and groom, they clearly can’t get enough of each other. We’ll all be looking anxiously skywards at 4: View all notices Post a new notice.

He is currently undergoing a medical examination, but as the police pointed out, carrying a knife in one’s pocket is illegal in the city of Stockholm. Find out more about how we work in Swedish. All credit to foreign ministry staff – they have taken good care of the international media, plying us with a steady supply of wedding chocolate. Photographer Frank May arrived Thursday with his two cameras and “more” lenses along with two other photographers and a writer. The congregation stands as she enters. Daniel started his own business in , consulting in the fitness industry, prior to opening his own gym a few years later. The last of the motorcades have just driven up toward the cathedral.

Photographer Frank May arrived Thursday with his two cameras and eestling lenses along with two other photographers and a writer. The best way of dealing with the great and important work that lies ahead of you is by helping each another.

But she’s animatedly chatting with someone sitting at the table that branches off from hers – she must nearly have to shout to make herself heard. See the video here. Harley on August 21, Reychman lamented arriving too early at the media centre.

The new Prince’s father, Olle Westling, gave a moving speech, in which he spoke of his son’s kidney transplant last year, in which he was the donor:.


The Father of the Groom, Olle Westling’s Speech

There were no estimates for the number of foreign tourists who came for the event, but the Stockholm Tourism Authority estimated that an additional 12, foreign tourists were expected this week. Kyodo will pick up its photos from AP spefch Reuters. You have already proven that you know what to do.

Paul Rapacioli, outside Royal Palace, 3: It was at his first gym, inwhen he met The Crown Princess while serving as her personal trainer. Since the speecb, the porcelain set for the royal wedding banquet has only been used three times previously: He added, “We adore the monarchy in France. And oh, Victoria and Daniel looks so happy. Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria has got her Prince.

Victoria, Eva and Olle Westling Hedvig is checking out growing cousin in that belly! The wedding dress has been delivered. Any guesses on the length of the the train?

Old ladies are brushing their hair and touching up their make-up in time for the princess. No one should believe anything else than that my highest wish has always been — and is — to see you happy…I have today seeked englixh make this olke clear by accompanying you to your future husband, and thereby confirming the decision to approve of your wstling according to our constitution.

It falls to me – and this is a great honour – to thank you for the hospitality that we have all shared this evening.

Ichii Gentaro is the agency’s London correspondent and arrived on Friday. Victoria firmly clutches her bouquet, while Daniel holds his hands together as a female minister recites the introduction.


Dear Victoria and Daniel, The best way weddingg dealing with the great and important work that lies ahead of you is by helping each another.

Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling

Victory, Congrats on your rd milestone. Your marriage is not only a family affair – it is something that affects all the people of Sweden. Vaena Magnus is a student in Stockholm who was born and raised in Brazil.

olle westling wedding speech english

The shoes are made with the same fabric as the dress. In just a few moments the Crown Princess Couple will join them to greet the thousands of people gathered to wish the couple well.

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Queen Sonja of Norway and several other European royals are on their way out to Lejonbacken. The congregation stands as she enters. As for the tiara, it was also worn by her mother at her wedding on June 19th, The crew of British warship HMS Kent, stood on deck as the royal couple went past and waved their hats in the air.

The man of the people who won sepech Crown Princess. This is something that Ewa and I have wedving of experience of, and we will gladly give whatever advice we can.

olle westling wedding speech english

This golden barge, built inis an exact replica of the original vessel, builtwhich was destroyed by fire.