I give Soledad points for at least bringing up to Ana her promise, though it was brushed aside again. At the start of this TN she was the bitchy, spoiled, bimbo, rich girl, telling Fanny not to date Leon cause he’s poor and Laura was the understanding friend. Jardinera, I can get it in tonight if noone else has. So, Angel describes his feelings for Ana as platonic. It’s no surprise Jenny rolled over, Ana was still begging Juan after he cheated and he had both Dana and Edna and they both knew. I had begun to think Laura worked at the bean factory as she was there all the time wearing a badge. On another note IsaBitch is a friggin Amazon isn’t she?

The twins and Luz should be disciplined for the hand buzzer thing. She needs to make the grade and get her career started. Friday, February 6, at 5: Maybe Nando should start telling Fanny she needs to pay more attention to her homework. I saw her in “I love John Querendon” years ago. She might have arranged her classes to allow for this.

I don’t believe he’s out of the story. Jomework this point, this is getting to be obsessive behavior with the kids. I will enjoy the recap a little while later, but have to say my fav moment was Ana and her accent pulling Fernando away from Yomama.



Leon’s freak out after his marriage proposal was turned down really made me dislike him completely. Nobody’s buying Angel’s love is platonic. Has to hapoen sometime before now and the end, right? It’s no surprise Jenny rolled over, Ana was still begging Juan after he cheated and he had both Dana and Edna and they both knew.

Sure, don’t like what she said to the boss, but he’s no saint in all this. Yomama needs to come clean about destroying the twins’ notebooks. Permalink posted by Jardinera 7: Puts a whole new “perspective” on things, doesn’t it?

I am sure she did since she was right behind Isa when Isa learned that Sebas did compete and she saw Isa’s reaction.

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Friday, February 6, at 3: Fanny and Lenin race off. Does anyone else see a chance of them ending up together? Perla might have her eye on Leon for herself, but I hlmework Fanny will take him back at the end. I want to see Leon physids up a bit and have a little patience about Fanny. I don’t think it fair to Fanny, keeping Ana’s secret has made her choose over her father and really crosses a boundary asking for assistance cleaning up the mess.

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Thanks Jardinera, had to wait and watch this afternoon after getting off early from work. Saturday, February 7, at 7: I saw her in “I love John Querendon” years ago.


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I just keep feeling like she’s always going to be dealing with his goof ups, his schemes, the flirting, the begging for forgiveness First, enough with the pranks. Thanks for the recap! Jardinera, Yolanda says “you gave #14 a shock! Apparently she was just a visitor.

Ana did make the direct point that he did not look like his dad in the eye color since Fernando’s eyes are black and Nando’s are beautiful bright blue. It has #411 been said by so many of us!

Let the bloodsucking begin! Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited. I have never liked her character. Then tells Leon his girlfriend is not welcome in Costena.

physics homework #141

Both Ximena and Edith need to grow up with their ridiculous jealousies. Now she refuses to chose sides when both girls know of her friendship with the other, awesome and mature thinking. I can’t on Johny and Jen no matter how they are writing him now. I agree with Julia about Nando’s makeover