However, it may not be a very significant amount of money per purchase, but it does add up. More by this author Follow SkylerKahng. But, I do not choose to have my uterine lining fall out of my vagina every 28 days. Assasinator alivia tregetourCalcographer sleepypandazombie. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. If they tax biological processes specific only to women, then government might as well impose a tax on a uterus.

A period is a signal to women that they are not pregnant. Last week, Chicago’s city council voted unanimously to scrap their tampon tax as well. In the United States, the average age that a girl gets her first period is 12 years old. Tampons and such already cost enough by themselves- tax only adds to the burden. However, in third world countries where not even food or water is funded, it would make minimal sense to fund feminine hygiene products. The risk of vaginal and reproductive tract infections may increase during menstruation, which is why feminine hygiene products are so important and necessary for a women’s health and well-being.

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Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work tsx displayed and post a comment on it. To many young girls around the world, a period is a frightening thing to experience. Lisa De Bode from Al Jazeera America says that often, homeless women use their own toilet paper, tanpon their toilet paper are obtained from pipe alleys or dirty backrooms.

Women NEED feminine hygienne products as to not embarrass ourselves during our periods.


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Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Not only is it sexist but it is also classist; the tampon tax must be removed to help improve the lives of millions of women in the US.

But, I do not choose to have my uterine lining fall out of my vagina every 28 days. Your sister has had her period. And they are not taxed, as the government regards them as medically necessary. Not only are feminine hygiene products clearly not a luxury, this tax is unfair on women.

His response was as follows: I like fax 0. Your girlfriend has had her period.

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Should Americans be allowed to import prescription medication from other countries? Chapstick, newspapers, and even donuts are not taxed because they are “necessities. I mean, we gotta peesuasive our asses to avoid embarrassment, stains etc. These products are a necessity and companies are making billions every year by exploiting women.

Many petitions are up in the United States at this given moment, as well as various state laws. Not only is this a sexist tax that unfairly affects only women, but it also singles out low-income women especially.

tampon tax persuasive essay

Some people seem to think women can predict or control their period, but little do they know that almost all women have experienced being unprepared for their monthly blood-bath. Every 28 days, my body sheds the lining of my uterus.

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Guttmacher Institute, May Some may argue that the tampon perusasive outrage is blown out of proportion because the tax does not significantly affect anyone financially. A young girl in middle school rushes to the bathroom after immediate blood rushes to her face, and to her underwear.


Last week, even, New York voted to abolish the sales tax on feminine hygiene products. No need for tampons Tampons and pads are luxury items! The way the government overlooks this issue is extremely unsensible- the issues they have with homeless and poor women now could easily be resolved by removing the tampon tax. Flying the Japanese flag. Condoms hampon free and feminine hygiene products are not. There are many petitions to sign to convince or even force the government to lift the tax on sanitary products for women.

We try to make TeenInk. Following of course that Men should able to receive Masculine hygiene products for free as a by product of this question.

tampon tax persuasive essay

Should I get tax-payer money for that? And when they buy tampons with what persuwsive extra money they have, they are taxed for it as a luxury good. If they tax biological processes specific only to women, then government might as well impose a tax on a uterus.