There are practical ways to tackle big questions, and you want to be a part of that. The Honors thesis mentor should submit the letter of support directly to honorsthesis udayton. If the thesis mentor believes a grade is merited, such grade will be submitted for the first thesis course only. Some faculty will expect you to get involved in an ongoing project and join their current research teams. Patrick Palermo, the original director of the University Honors Program, and the students with whom he founded the program. The challenge to the student is to find an Honors thesis mentor that can provide oversight to such a project. Should I use a questionnaire?

For example, a thesis mentor could be a UD staff member; an expert from another college, university or research lab; or a mentor from a community or service organization. The chairperson tends to know those individuals with active research agendas and what their general research areas are. Academic advisors should also be consulted to discuss any implications of enrollment in graduate coursework for possible pursuit of a subsequent graduate degree. Thesis students conducting their research on campus over the summer are eligible for a Thesis Summer Housing Fellowship to assist with summer housing fees. What is the role of the department chair? Honors Program Thesis Intent Document.

Theses and Dissertations

All Honors students who start their UHP experience as incoming first-year students will begin earning Honors credits in one of several ways depending on your major: If you fall into one of udayyton categories, please schedule a meeting with the Associate Director of Research to discuss a personalized timeline.


What if I am interested in a cross-disciplinary topic?

Honors Thesis Project Completion of an Honors thesis is a requirement for graduating with one of the following two diploma options: Here is the course description: July 1 Thesis fellowships disbursed. There are practical ways to tackle big questions, and you want to be a part of that.

udayton honors thesis

Sixth Semester January Honors Program checks academic standing student need take no action. Also, there are some programmatic things to get tyesis Thesis Proposal Sample 2: This one can be tricky, because many fifth-semester students don’t know a significant number of faculty from their udwyton departments yet.

There is nothing like uninterrupted study! An extra research paper or project. What is the professional development associated with the thesis? Research Information Please summarize in words your research project. For example, post a year-long, wall-size calendar in your home, preferably on a wall that you see every day. Engineering Thesis Proposal Sample 4: By taking the first-year Honors Seminar.

The Honors Thesis : University of Dayton, Ohio

The student must earn a grade of B or higher to earn Honors credits. The course must be taken for a letter grade. In fact, this is your only opportunity to request funding in support of your thesis work.


More than passion and intelligence are necessary to get a thesis done.

Earning Honors Credits

Talk with your academic advisor about tackling big questions, or about how your work will help answer a big question. The amount of the fellowship will be thhesis equal the cost of a single in Marycrest plus the minimum required meal plan.

Welcome to the UHP.

Thesis Proposal Sample 3: Thesis Proposal Sample 4: Will my research be independent enough to constitute a thesis? How do I find an Honors Thesis Mentor? This endowed fund provides support for a limited number of University Honors students who undertake Honors thesis projects of exceptional merit.

udayton honors thesis

Complete the required Junior Honors Workshop podcast by September If the latter, tyesis leading academic journals within your discipline to see what others are researching and what methodologies are in vogue. Also, there are some programmatic things to get done:.

Complete Ethics training by February The Honors Thesis Mentor is a full-time member of the University of Dayton faculty from the department in which you are doing your thesis and who is directly supervising your thesis project.