To find out more, including options to manage cookies, Please click read more Ok No Read more. Students are now able to: Clear line of sight to key information with tools to analyse and report on information. Our Partners The largest and most comprehensive ecosystem for Intelligent Automation. SSL VPN enables staff and students to work remotely, all running the latest anti-virus software, with any unusual network activity quarantined.

Why Blue Prism Intelligent Automation for a more human enterprise. You must be logged in to post a comment. PPC Xchanging aimed to increase brand exposure through PPC approach, which encompassed not only paid activity on major search engines but also on Facebook and LinkedIn. Implemented a complete tactical sourcing model and change management programme to manage all areas of spend. Nasdaq BWise – Long standing partnership of outsourced support yields rewards.

Bravr offer intuitive and compelling digital marketing solutions in complex areas. Clear line of sight to key information with tools to analyse and report on information. Provided a comprehensive co-sourcing solution for multiple indirect procurement categories. They are the third largest procurement outsourcing provider in the world and are considered the operational backbone of the London Insurance Market, counting all the members of Lloyds of London and the International Underwriting Centre as customers.

Interested in becoming a partner? Xchanging have also been undergoing a major organisational change, transforming from a business model based on a few large enterprise customers to one based on a broader range of customers from a wider range of sectors.

As a result, the client incurred huge wtudy related to this non-core activity. Increased self-sufficiency of syndicates by developing in-house capabilities. Certification Find out why our certification program leads you to best-in-breed partners. The firm therefore needs to be able to adapt its services and Reduce Operational risk — by addressing the potential risk caused by an ageing system, supported by a diminishing pool of skills.


The new system provides easier access to information, automated processing and matching of policies, risks, and account messages. We look forward to working in conjunction with the Bravr team on a series of challenging projects to grow our online presence.

xchanging case study

Following and cqse keyword and competitor analysis, we were able to identify that Xchanging was not ranking for many significant keywords relating to its services offering. User acceptance and confidence in newly upgraded software. Webinars Blue Prism routinely teams up with industry experts to bring live webinars, covering the latest topics and trends. Join Blue Prism at one of our events to learn more about our Intelligent Automation platform. Two-factor authentication via SMS based system to save cost.

SOLUTION 1 To set up a ready to use office environment, fully serviced, supported and managed by Xchanging 2 To establish an operational footprint in Malaysia, thus allowing the client to focus on achieving strategic business outcomes BENEFIT 1 Minimise capital investment in the initial set up 2 Gain control on costs with a fixed price of services from Xchanging 3 Achieve optimal utilisation of available skilled local talent, at lower costs.

Citrix thin client environment for users located all over the island, to deliver SWIFT, a dedicated social care application. In the event of a problem, switch management control is transferred to a back-up module without any traffic being dropped. Controlled access even on users own devices. Obtaining a holistic view of each customer was almost impossible.

Robotic Process Automation at Xchanging

To aggregate their spend and centralise the procurement decisions to maximise synergies between the different factories and locations, thus creating greater visibility, control and to deliver new savings.


Xchanging has partnered with YTL to develop and deliver enhanced mobile internet and cloud-based hosting offerings in Malaysia. With operational costs of supporting remote access escalating, UHL needed cost-effective, secure and flexible home working xcanging for staff, with minimal set up and support.

xchanging case study

Brokasure offers the automation and management of intricate end-to processing of quotes, policies, transactions and claims, often in multi-currency environments. SID Reporting Tool provides the ability for Howden to extract critical information from a central SQL database, and produce tailored reporting for its management team.

RESULTS 1 Duration of bill generation cycle reduced to one hour from 45 hours taken previously 2 Bill publishing time too brought down from weeks to the same day 3 Cost of the bill reduced by 7.

Our Case Studies

As a multinational company with a broad service offering, Xchanging needed to communicate different messages to different audiences while still presenting a unified approach that would help them to build brand equity.

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The reporting database is restructured to better identify business czse and threats. In order to access this content please fill in using your credentials. Our high-touch and hands-on approach ensures that you get the best service within your budget. Implemented a complete tactical sourcing model and change management programme to manage all areas of spend.